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Chief Hamster of Hamsterland
Official Standard of the Chief Hamster of the State of Hamsterland
Standard of the Chief Hamster

since 5th of February 2024
Government of Hamsterland
  • Chief
  • Your highness
    (formal, diplomatic)
ResidencePalace of Luddestad
SeatLuddestad Hamster Wheel
AppointerDefender of Hamsterland or Congress
Term lengthFor life
Constituting instrumentConstitution of Hamsterland
Formation17th of March 2018
First holderLudde
DeputyDeputy Chief Hamster

The Chief Hamster of the State of Hamsterland is a political position in the State of Hamsterland and serves as head of state and commander-in-chief of the army. The current Chief Hamster is Gizmo. According to the constitution, the Chief Hamster shall serve as the head of state representing the nation. He also is required to sign all bills passed by Congress before they become law, appoint Governments he thinks will be able to keep the support of Congress and opens new sessions of Congress every year after elections.


The Chief Hamster has the power to:

appoint new secretaries on the advice of the Government of Hamsterland
approve and veto legislation
dissolve the Congress of Hamsterland to call elections
issue statements
declare a state of emergency on the advice of the Secretary of Security
declare martial law on the advice of the Secretary of Internal Affairs
appoint governments after elections which he thinks will be able to keep controll of Congress
depose governments after votes of no confidence
grant pardons
command the army
confer knighthoods, awards and decorations on citizens and foreigners
appoint members of the Senate
address the nation
appoint the judge
represent Hamsterland

Most of these powers are ceremonial and almost never used without government premission even if he is allowed to use some without it.


The Chief Hamster can only be removed through impeachment which requires 2/3 of Congress to vote to start one. Ones started Congress has to vote again with more then 80% approving to get rid of the Chief Hamster. All members of government are required to either vote in favor or abstain for the impeachment to be legally binding. If a single member of Government votes no to the impeachment it ends without further notice.

Facts about the Chief Hamster

Chief Hamsters line of succession

The current order of succession for the Chief Hamster is laid out in the constitution.

No. Position
Positions which may assume the Chief Hamster position outright
1. Deputy Chief Hamster
Positions which may assume the Chief Hamster position but only in acting capacity
2. Secretary of Foreign Affairs
3. Secretary of Internal Affairs
4. Secretary of Security
5. Secretary of Housing
6. Secretary of Sports
7. Justice of Hamsterland
8. President of the Senate
9. Speaker of the Chamber
10. Chamber President of Age (Longest serving member of the Chamber)
11. Defender of Hamsterland


The Chief Hamsters officiall title is:"Chief Hamster of the State of Hamsterland".

Opening of Congress Sessions

Every year after a election the Chief Hamster visits Congress to open the new session. During the opening ceremony the Chief Hamster adresses Congress in a speech before declaring a new session open and then ask the Deputy Chief Hamster to hand over their declaration of government. Once this is done, the Chief Hamster reads the declaration before the national anthem plays and the ceremony is over. Since both the Deputy and Chief are hamsters the Secretary of Foreign Affairs steps in for the Chief and the Secretary of Internal Affairs for the Deputy. The ceremony is held as soon as a new government has been appointed after a election, usually between the 15th and 21 January every year.

Inauguration Ceremony

The Inauguration Ceremony is the ceremony which the Nominated Chief Hamster has to go through before officially assuming the office and it's duties. The ceremony shall according to the constitution be held on the day Congress accepts the Chief Hamster. The current style of Inauguration Ceremonies were introduced by Teddy for his in 2019. The ceremony starts when the Defender enters the house in which the nation is located followed by members of Congress and Government. The Chief Hamster was then carried in by the Secretary of Foreign Affairs and up the stairs to the room where Luddestad is located. Then Congress and Government enter the room followed by the Defender. The Chief Hamster is after this given to the Defender who on the Chiefs behalf reads the Chief Hamsters Oath of Office before placing the Chief in the Cage that is Luddestad. Once the new Chief Hamster enters the Palace (which takes differents ammount of time every time) the assembled cry out:¨May the reign of Chief Hamster {name} be long and prosperous!¨. To finish of the ceremony all state workers participating swear their Oaths of Alligance before the anthem plays and everyone exept the Defender and Secretary of Internal Affairs leave the room.


No. Head of State Term of office Appointed Political party
Portrait Name Took office Left office Time in office
1 Ludde 17 March 2018 5 November 2019 1 year, 233 days 2018 Liberal Party of Hamsterland
Libertarian Party of Hamsterland
2 Teddy 14 November 2019 14 May 2021 1 year, 181 days 2019 Socialist Party of Hamsterland
Picture of Chief Hamster Bamse
Bamse 4 June 2021 11 August 2023 2 years, 68 days 2021 Moderate Party of Hamsterland
4 Dolly 11 August 2023 5 February 2024 178 days 2023 Moderate Party of Hamsterland
5 Gizmo 5 February 2024 Present 3 days 2024 Socialist Party of Hamsterland