Government of Hamsterland

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Government of Hamsterland
Hamsterlandets Regering (Swedish)
Flag of Hamsterland
Established30 March 2018
LeaderDeputy Chief Hamster of Hamsterland
Appointed byChief Hamster of Hamsterland
Responsible toCongress

The Government of Hamsterland is the executive body of the Hamsterland. After elections Congress holds a vote on the proposed Government called by the Chief Hamster to see if Congress supports the nominated candidates. If so the Chief then appoints the nominated candidates to the serve in the new Government. The Government is consists of 5 Secretaries responsible of heading smaller departments focusing of certain aspects of the country. The work of leading the Government is held by the Deputy Chief Hamster but since they are unable of actually leading every government has to chose 1 secretary to hold the office of Chief of Government. This secretary then leads government of behalf of the Deputy. There can be as many as 4 Chiefs of Government at once.


The Institution that is Hamsterlands Government was created on March 30, 2018 following the elections to Congress 3 days prior. The first Government was appointed by Chief Hamster Ludde later that day and consisted of 4 Secretaries, those of: Internal Affairs, Foreign Affairs, Security and Housing. The job of leading this 1 party majority government which the Libertarian Party created was given to the Secretary of Internal Affairs who kept this task until 2023 when the Deputy Chief Hamster took them over. It then took until 2020 before a new Government had to be appointed when the Libertarian Party lost their majority in Congress. The new Government which was appointed by Chief Hamster Teddy consisted of all 3 parties since the Moderate Party had refused to cooperate with the Libertarians seeing them as too rigth wing but some members of the party rejecting a coalition with the Socialists. The new Government sworn in that year still sits to this day with only 1 Secretary serving now that didn't get appointed then. That is the Secretary for Sports which was a position created first following the 2021 election.


The Government currently functions as an executive body that needs legislative backing.

The members of the Government are known as Secretaries and head different departments focusing of different aspects of the nations. The 5 Secretaries work is lead by the Deputy Chief Hamster but the Secretary of Internal Affairs does most of the work leading the Government and the Deputy serves mostly as the face for the Government with some powers similiar to a Secretaries power but covering all the Departments. The Secretary of Foreign Affairs also does most of the Chief Hamsters ceremonial duties which they cannot participate in due to the fact that they are, well, just a hamster. To from a Government a Party or coalition needs at least 10 seats in the chamber and 5 in the Senate. If these requirments are met the proposed Government can call for a vote in the Chamber. If they then win 11 or more votes a Declaration of Government will be sent to the Chief Hamster to be signed before the Chief sends the proposed Secretaries an invitation to meet at his palace and formally get appointed to government. There is also the position of Chief of Government which during Libertarian rule was held by the Secretary of Internal Affairs. Currently there are 3 Chiefs of Government. They hold the offices of: Secretary of Internal Affairs, Secretary of Housing and Secretary of Foreign Affairs. The position of Chief of Government is not to be confused with the Head of Government, the Deputy Chief.

List of Governments

Name of Government Chief of Government Period of office Time in office
Johnson Government Patrick Johnson 30 March 2018 – 15 January 2020 1 year, 291 days
Triumvirate Government Martin, Anna, Johan 15 January 2020 – Incumbent 3 years, 323 days