Chief of Defence Staff (Glorosia)

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Chief of Defence Staff
Department of Defence
Member ofChiefs of Staff Committee
Reports toMinister of Defence
NominatorMinister of Defence
Term lengthAt the President's Pleasure
Formation30 January 2023
DeputyVice-Chief of Defence Staff

The Chief of Defence Staff (CDS) is the professional head of the Armed Forces of Glorosia and the most senior uniformed military adviser to the Minister of Defence and the President of Glorosia. The chief of defence staff is based at the Department of Defence. The Chief of Defence Staff is the highest ranking officer to currently serve in the armed forces.

As well as leading the armed forces, the CDS leads the Chiefs of Staff Committee which is made up of branch chiefs of staff, the CDS and VCDS.

Supporting and Associated Posts

The CDS is supported by a deputy, the Vice-Chief of Defence Staff.

The CDS works closely with the Department of Defence, especially the department's minister and under ministers to help implement the government's defence policy.


The CDS is the oldest military office in the Republic of Glorosia. It was established on 30 January 2023 by President Colin Davies under the department of defence to preside over the armed forces.


As a defence office under the department of defence, the CDS is nominated by the Minister of Defence. In their capacity as commander-in-chief, the CDS is formally appointed by the President of Glorosia and serves at the president's pleasure.

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