Chief of the Royal Guard (Huai Siao)

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Chief of the Royal Guard
Empire Huai Siao
Chief of the Royal Guard
Prince Kriengkrai

since 26 January 2020-Present
AppointerEmperor of the Huai Siao
Term lengthHold a position for life
Inaugural holderNot

Chief of the Royal Guard(Thai:หัวหน้าราชองครักษ์)Is the head of all guards It is responsible for ordering the bodyguards and organizing the guards to protect the Huai Siao Dynasty.


The Chief of the Royal Guard has the following powers and duties.

  • The power to control all the guards.
  • The power to organize the guards.
  • The power required by law.

List of Chief Guards

Order image Name Started a position End of tenure
Prince Kriengkrai
26 January 2020
Still in position