Federal Empire of Belkazium

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Federal Empire of Belkazium puts the highest priority on environmental protection and human well-being. The territory claims the Arctic Byam Martin Island and is a project country that supports to pay attention to climate change to make our planet a better place.

Federal Empire of Belkazium
  • Korean:[벨카지움 연방 제국] Error: {{Lang}}: text has italic markup (help)
    Latin:[Imperium Foederatum Belkazium] Error: {{Lang}}: text has italic markup (help)

National Flag

Coat of Arms
Coat of arms
Motto: For Earth, For Humanity
Hymn of Ice
Byam Martin Island
and largest city
Official languagesEnglish, Korean
GovernmentConstitutional Monarchy
Kelvin Belkas
LegislatureSenate of Belkazium
Establishment27 June 2021
• Census
Currency₲ (Belkazium Gallix)
Time zoneUTC +9:00 (Headquarter)
Preceded by
Commonwealth of Belkazium
This nation is member of LIN


Belkazium first started building the foundation on June 23, 2021, and after constructing the foundation and goals, declared a full-scale project declaration on the 27th. From June 27, 2021, it is designated as the date of establishment of the government.

On July 6, it was officially converted to a monarchy, with a 95% vote in favor of the referendum and a 50% vote in the international vote.

Territory Claim

The Belkazium government has decided, similar to Flandrensis, to focus on unique community formation by creating permanent, non-inhabitable claimed territories in Antarctica, similar to Flandrensis, according to the June 23, 2021 Founding Draft.

However, to differentiate it, the territory was changed to the Arctic after the conversion of the monarchy.

The Belkazium government claims "Byam Martin Island", a small island at the tip of Arctic, not for independence or residence purposes.

Claiming Arctic is part of an effective cultural project, and much of the country will be determined by cultural development.


The main culture of the country is as follows.

  • Environmental Protection Campaign
  • Call for a global environmental movement
  • Reduce waste
  • Cherish living things
  • Practice saving resources
  • Development of unique micronation cultural and political institutions
  • Establishment of human welfare system and system
  • Apply the system to government institutions and communities

We strive to achieve these cultural and communal activities, and believe that many things will happen in the future.


The Government system is federal, consisting of the provinces of Bakla and Wellia, respectively.

  • Bakla and Wellia Province
Province Governor
1 Bakla Province Micle
2 Wellia Province Generalissimo

The Federal Empire Government operates as a government on behalf of each state, and the state government can only lead the state.

The supreme leader of government is the Generalissimo, and the Cabinet is headed by the Prime Minister.

Government agencies include:

  • Department of Interior
  • Department of Foreign Affairs
  • Department of Welfare
  • Department of Culture
  • Department of Citizens
  • Department of Justice

The heads of government agencies are appointed by the Generalissimo.

The legislative branch is the "Senate of Belkazium".


  • National Flag

The Flag is blue, white and green, and is a Nordic cross. Blue symbolizes the sea, white symbolizes icebergs and ice, and green symbolizes beautiful nature.

  • National Coat of Arms

This coat of arms embodies the animals and flags that symbolize the Arctic.


For diplomatic activities, a treaty can be established only after sufficient discussion between the country and the other country on what to exchange from what point of view.

However, if it is judged by the government's intuition that the cultural level is high, the government can directly apply for diplomatic establishment and establish a relationship.

-List of countries unilaterally recognized by the Belkazium government.

Country Founder
1 Grand Duchy of Westarctica Travis I
2  Grand Duchy of Flandrensis Nicholas I
3 Confederation of the Antarctica's Elain of Atilnia Xavier Pravaz
4 Federal Republic of Lostisland Yaroslav Mar
5 United Republics of Antarctica Vasia Bratchuk
6 Decracy of Vilthia Titianus II
7 Federal Commonwealth of Nixland Amanda Bonnet 

  • Here is a list of current diplomatic relations


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