Titianus II, Sovereign of Vilthia

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His Excellency
Titianus II
of the House Zannier
Federico Marcuzzi-Zannier
Official portrait (14th April 2015)
Titianus II sits on the Velvet Throne
3rd Sovereign of the Decracy of Vilthia
Assumed office
12th May 2013
Predecessor Claudius I (Claudio Zannier)
3rd Regent of the Central Protectorate
Assumed office
12th May 2013
Predecessor Claudius I (Claudio Zannier)
3rd Lord of Vignetia
Assumed office
1st May 2013
Predecessor Claudius I (Claudio Zannier)
Personal information
Born March 5, 1995
Pordenone, Italy
Birth name Federico Marcuzzi Zappi
Citizenship Vilthia
Nationality Italian
Residence Vignetia
Religion Christian Catholic

Firmitas atque Continuitatis

— Federico Marcuzzi, motto

His Excellency Titianus II of the House Zannier (born Federico Marcuzzi- Zannier, March 5, 1995) is the third and current Sovereign of the Decracy of Vilthia, with all titles related to this office.
He is the absolute monarch of the Decracy of Vilthia, reigning since 12 May 2013.
The 1st September 2016 he became the monarch whose reign lasted longer in the history of the Decracy of Vilthia.


Titianus II was born in Pordenone, and has lived since childhood in Vignetia. Federico Marcuzzi Z. Z. is a member of Yunivers since its foundation. In 2008 he chaired the commission for choosing anthem and national symbols. He served as judge in the Tribunal of the Decracy of Yunivers since 2010 and as Supreme judge of the Suprema Provvidenza court since 2011. In 2013, after Claudio Zannier resignation, he has been elected Noble of Vignetia and then Sovereign of the Decracy of Yunivers by the Conclave 2013. After the resignation of Claudio, turns out to be the last heir of the House Zannier, the House of his maternal grandmother. He is also heir of the House Zappi, a minor House of Vignetia. The Marcuzzis, however, his father's family, are not a family of Yunivers.


His parents, Lucia Zappi Zannier and Enrico Marcuzzi, divorced in 2009. He haves an heterozygote twin brother, Alessandro.
His predecessor as Sovereign, Claudio Zannier, is his cousin from his mother's side.

Election as sovereign

See: Sede Vacante and Conclave

Federico Marcuzzi has been elected by the Conclave 2013. The Conclave began the 11th May 2013, and has been sealed by the Camerlengo Simone Spadone. The participants Nobles were: Lorenzo De Biasio, Federico Marcuzzi, Martina De Stefanin, Nils Tedeschi, Ilaria Comici, Angelica Neumer and Alice Zanori. Everything that happens in the conclave is secret, but there are reliable reconstructions of the ballots. Below there's the one considered more reliable.
The white smoke announcing his election was held at 10:45. The announcement was made by dean Noble, Lorenzo De Biasio, at 12:35 am from the main balcony of the Central Protectorate Palace.

Ballots reconstruction

  • Ballot 1 (Day 1. Began 16.00 - Ended 18.15): Marcuzzi (3), De Biasio (2), Zanori (2).
  • Ballot 2 (Day 2. Began 9.30 - Ended 10.30): Marcuzzi (3), Zanori (3), De Biasio (1).
  • Ballot 3 (Day 2. Began 10.30 - Ended 10.45): Marcuzzi (5), Zanori (2).

Regency and opinions

Titianus II took possession of the Regency Office with the Insediamento ceremony on 13 May 2013. He has repeatedly stated that he intends to make several reforms. In June 2013 it was announced that he had begun working on a law for freedom of worship, that entered into force in October. He also reformed some articles of the law about 'Citizenship, Residence and Access'. He also made ​​a major reform of local authorities, making the system more democratic and establishing the 'House of Representatives' in parliament.

Titles, styles and honors

Monarchical styles of
Titianus II of the House Zannier

Personal Royal Seal of Titianus II
Reference styleHis Royal Excellency
Spoken styleYour Grace
Alternative styleExcellency

Full titles

His full titles as Sovereign are: Sovereign of the Decracy of Vilthia, Regent of the Central Protectorate, Protector of the Homeland, Successor of Hermann, Lord of Vignetia, Grand Master of the Brotherhood of Saint Sebastian, Commander in Chief of the Vilthian Armed Forces.

Personal seal

The Vilthian traditions require that each Sovereign should be equipped with a personal seal, designed according to pre-established parameters (although the Sovereign is free to personalize the salient features).
Titianus II adopted as a seal a golden eagle (a black eagle is the symbol of the House Zappi) on a red background (from the seal of the House Zannier).
The eagle wears a 5-pointed crown around the neck (as the Vilthian Crown in tradition) and has on his chest a shield representing the Central Protectorate. Between the legs it has two cornucopias, a symbol of abundance and wealth.
The personal seal accompanies, together with the signature, every act issued by the Sovereign and it is necessary to prove its authenticity.
Otherwise, the monogram has no legal value and is not provided for by any official legislation, although every sovereign has its own.
The personal monogram of Titianus II is "I T I", the personal monogram as Noble was "F / Z".

Vilthian decorations

Foreign titles

Foreign decorations

Conspiracy theories

Since early 2015, due to the fact that Titianus not appeared publicly since the month of September 2014, many have begun to think that he might have left the office. According to some theories, his resignation would be withheld to ensure the stability of the Central Protectorate. In March the Press Room has released a video message in which the Sovereign apologized publicly, and assured to be still in place. The video explains how Titianus was overburdened with personal commitments also related to the study.
Many have pointed out that in the video, Titianus did not wear the Royal Ring, symbol of the Regency of the State. This has fueled further theories about it, but no confirmation or denial has come from the Central Protectorate. Even in the official portrait of the year 2015, Titianus' not wearing the ring with his royal seal.