Communists of Slavtria

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Communists of Slavtria
formerly Group of Communist Slavtrians
LeaderJohn Doe (12–16 September 2021)
Brtalo (27 May 2022 - July/August 2022)
Dates of operation12–16 September 2021
27 May 2022 - July/August 2022
Rule in Slavtria
Active regionsKietgrad, Slavtria (12–16 September 2021)
Former state of Monaa (27 May, 2022 - July/August 2022)
Notable attacksSlavtrian-Communist War

Communists of Slavtria, formerly the Group of Communist Slavtrians, was a communist militant organization, terrorist group, and unregistered political party in Slavtria.

It was defeated by Slavtria[1] on 16 September 2021 in the Slavtrian-Communist War, and was refounded on 27 May 2022. It was disbanded for the 2nd time sometime in July or August 2022.


The group was refounded by former prime minister Brtalo on 27 May 2022, creating a YouTube channel,[2] with 1 video. It is the video that Brtalo had posted on Twitter.[3]

2nd disbandment

Sometime in July or August 2022, Brtalo was presumed to have left and disbanded the Communists of Slavtria. The Communists of Slavtria YouTube channel was changed to "Dead", and the only video was removed.[2] It is unknown when this happened.

List of leaders

Here is a list of the leaders and their info.

No. Picture Name Birthdate Term begin Term end
1 John Doe Unknown 12 September 2021 16 September 2021
2 Brtalo Unknown 27 May 2022 July/August 2022


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