Confederation of South Zarnos

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Confederation of South Zarnos
The Flag
Motto: Unite Against Tyranny
Largest cityZleka
Official languagesEnglish
GovernmentConstitutional republic
• President
Lawrence Wilkins
• Census
CurrencyConfederate Drydso

The Confederation of South Zarnos is a defunct micronation that controlled all of south Zarnos until its downfall from an unstable economy that caused a civil war which it has never recovered from. The civil war caused the entire southern region of Zarnos that was once controlled by the confederation to turn into an anarchist state, called Free Zarnos. The capital was changed from Calcuna to Krihull because Calcuna was associated with government and authority, and was burned to the ground. The reason the capital wasn't moved to Zleka, the largest city was because it was considered too large and developed for an anarchist nation and thus, Krihull was chosen because of its rural location.