Conradh Daonlathais

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Conradh Daonlathais
LeaderFionnbarra Ó Cathail
FoundedFebruary 2013
HeadquartersOrchardstown, Leylandiistan
Youth wingÓige Daonlathach (proposed)
Membership (2013)2
IdeologyGrassroots Democracy, Social Democracy, and Environmentalism
International affiliationNational Party of Ashukovo
ColoursRed and White
Former seats as SALDAL in National Assembly of Leylandiistan (August 2013 - February 2014):
2 / 7

Conradh Daonlathais (English: the Democracy League) was a political party in Leylandiistan & Gurvata. It was established on February 2013 as the Socialist Anti-Conflict Liberal Democratic Alliance of Leylandiistan (SALDAL), days after Leylandiistan's first party, the Centralist Democrats, were founded. It became one of Leylandiistan's largest and most prominent party after the 2013 Leylandiistan General Elections. In January 2014 it rebranded to become an Conradh Daonlathais. Following Leylandiistan's merger with Gurvata, the party lost its former significance as party politics became mostly irrelavant under the diarchical system.


Since the Democratic Republic of Leylandiistan's foundation in November 2012, the country had been under near-absolute rule by two "Co-Consuls", Ruairí de Créag and Fionnbarra Ó Cathail. Both realised that as Leylandiistan's population grew, so would demands for a more democratic and participatory government. On 21 February 2013, Ruairí de Créag drafted a document establishing the Centralist Democratic Party of Leylandiistan (CDP Leylandiistan). The document laid the foundations for the end of the power sharing agreement between the two Co-Consuls, and left Ó Cathail with little choice but form his own party. SALDAL was founded a few days later. When the election date was announced in July, campaigning began in earnest. Both parties published party statements and circulated email messages to the electorate, while SALDAL even published two election posters. The nation went to the polls in August, and on 19 August 2013 SALDAL's leader Fionnbarra Ó Cathail was inaugurated as President of Leylandiistan, while deputy leader Norma O' Connor took a National Assembly seat and a senior ministerial position. The election was a major success for SALDAL, and Ó Cathail began implementing his election promises.


In January 2014 SALDAL held an informal party conference. The members decided to reflect Leylandiistan's Gaelic heritage and rename the party to Conradh Daonlathais - the Democracy League. They adopted the Irish trade union SIPTU's logo, a celtic spiral fashioned into a hand. One of Ó Cathail's policies, however, was to put national interests before party interests, and across the government party allegiances became less relevant. Activity within the party has been near to nothing since. On 17 July 2014, the CDP was disbanded when Ruairí de Créag led Robinscourt's secession from Leylandiistan. The party became mostly irrelevant from this point onwards, other than being referenced on literature supportive of the Confederation of Leylandiistan & Gurvata's membership of the GUM in a referendum on that subject in 2016.