Countess of Koniktz

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Countess of Koniktz
Coat of arms of the 1st, and current Countess
Creation date 25 February 2020
Created by Maria I of Sildavia
Peerage Sildavian nobility
First holder Sonia, Countess of Koniktz
Present holder Sonia, Countess of Koniktz
Heir apparent Gabriela, Princess of Klöw
Remainder to Absolute Primogeniture, 1st Countess' heirs
Subsidiary titles Baroness Ferreira
Baronetess Silva

Countess of Konkitz is a royal title in the Sildavian Royal Family. It was created in 2020 following the establishment of a nobility in Sildavia by Queen Maria I of Sildavia. The First and Current holder of the title is Sonia, Countess of Koniktz, mother of the current Queen Maria.


No. Name Granted Consort Subsidiary title(s) Noble house Arms Granter
First creation (25 February 2020 – Present)
1 Her Royal Highness
1st Countess of Koniktz
25 February 2020 Dimas Silva, 1st Baronet Baroness Ferreira
(by her own right)
Baronetess Silva
(by marriage)
House of Sildavia Maria I of Sildavia