Countries of Dorpat

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Countries of Dorpat is the name given to different countries founded by Raiko Simagin, due to the countries having a lot of name changes over a short period. The term was first used by Johannes I of Slitronia to make the cataloguing of Estonian micronations easy. All of the countries were located in the Tartu County.


The name "countries of Dorpat" comes from the names used by various of the newer countries of Dorpat, that being Dorpat, which itself is the name of Tartu in German.

List of the countries of Dorpat

Flag Coat of Arms Name Estonian name Date established / first mentioned Capital Government Notes
Republic of Burgerland Burgerlandi Vabariik 31 October 2021 Unknown Unknown
Republic of New-Estonia Uus-Eesti Vabariik 1 November 2021 Unknown Unknown
Spaghetti Republic Spagetti Vabariik 20 December 2021 RaikSton Parliamentary republic
Spaghettiian Democratic Republic Spaghettiia Demokraatlik Vabariik 22 December 2021 Playground city Unknown Spaghettiia was the first of the Dorpat Countries to use the blue-white-black tricolour, which the following three Dorpat Countries would also use.
Socialist Republic of Testonia Teesti Sotsialistlik Vabariik 29 December 2021 School city Parliamentary republic The countries from Testonia to the Socialist Republic of Dorpat are considered the same nation on the MicroWiki page of the former.
Republic of Dorpat Dorpati Vabariik 22 March 2022 Unknown Presidential republic First use of the name Dorpat
Socialist Republic of Dorpat Dorpati Sotsialistlik Vabariik 13 May 2022 Unknown Unitary socialist republic
Republic of Dorpatia Dorpatia Vabariik 1 September 2022 None Unitary Presidential Republic The flag uses the same colours as the flag of the Spaghetti Republic.
Principality of Dorpatia Dorpatia Vürstiriik 2 September 2022 None Unitary absolute monarchy

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