Dale Self-Defence Army

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Dale Self-Defence Army

Founded 22 September 2011
Country Dale Republic
Size 1 soilder
Part of Dale Armed Forces

DAB Woking

Motto We Fight, We Win
March None
Command General of the Army Danny Clarke

The Dale Self-Defence Army was the official self-defence army of the Dale Republic. The Dale Self-Defence Army was part of the Dale self-defence military and was made mainly for self defence only rather then an attack force due to its small size. The role of air defence, previously done by the now abolished Dale Air Force was now undertaken and controlled by the Dale Self-Defence Army.


1st Dale Fireteam

Badge of the 1st Dale Fireteam
Badge of the 1st Dale Fireteam

The Dale Army was made up of 5 volunteers these were originally in the Dale Empire regiments were split between two regiments the R.P.P.R or Royal Palace protection Regiment based in the capital Dale City to protect the royal palace and the 1st HGR or the 1st Home Guard Regiment a self defence regiment for Dale Farm.

Most other regions are classed as uninhabited or no perminant inhabitants these were not protected by any official forces but were looked after excluding overseas territories by the 1st HGR and R.P.P.R. On the 23rd June 2011 the 2nd HGR was founded for the protection of Dale Port, later Freedom Town.

On the 25th August however the King of the Dale Empire King Danny Clarke I disbanded the 1st and 2nd Home Guard Regiments and replaced them with a single 1st Dale Fireteam, This regiment still exist into and after the reforms of the Dale Republic.

Dale Hazard Assistance Unit

The Dale Hazard Assistance Unit is a civilian assistance unit created to protect the saftey and well being of some roads and streets which may normally be neglected by the British government. The Dale Hazard Assistance Unit is ment to assist in the clearing of snow, ice and fallen branches which may cause damage if left.


  • Command General of the Army
  • General
  • Colonel
  • Private
  • Pre-Private(During training)

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