Deputy President of the Free Pristinian Republic

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Deputy President of Pristinia
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Helen Linden

since January 27, 2012
StyleHis/Her Excellency,
The Most Venerable
ResidenceRedkirk Palace
AppointerSebastian Linden
Term length4 months
Inaugural holderHerself
Last holderOffice vacant

The Deputy President of the Free Pristinian Republic (German: Stellvertretender Präsident der Freien Pristinischen Republik, Pristinian: Muırılᵹuır-Depıté nā an Ṡärpoḃlauċt nā Ṗrıſtínɣa) is the deputy to the President of the Free Pristinian Republic, the elected head of state and head of government of the aforementioned republic.


To this date, all Deputy Presidents of Pristinia have been female. Despite this, in languages with gender distinction in certain nouns and adjectives, such as German, the title remains entirely male. The male gender is thus being used as a subtitute for gender neutral alternatives.

List of Deputy Presidents

Order No. Term No. Image Name Affiliation Term start Term end Notes
0 0 Helen Linden Independent 17 December 2011 January 27, 2012 As "Vice President"; provisional, appointed by provisional President Sebastian Linden upon Pristinia's secession from the Nemkhav Federation.
N/A N/A Office Vacant N/A 27 January 2012 February 8, 2012 President Linden failed to appoint a new Vice President until February 8, hence there was none de jure during that period.
1 1 Helen Linden National Freedom Party 8 February 2012 Incumbent
(February 8, 2012)
First as "Vice President", then as "Deputy President" following the silent reform in late March 2012.