Pristinian language

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As d-Tanᵹa nā h-Uḃınn

Spoken inPristinia
Total speakersUnknown

The Pristinian language (As d-Tanᵹa nā h-Uḃınn; German: Pristinische Sprache; Ripuarian: Pristeenische Sprôch) is a constructed language spoken in Pristinia. It is classified as a Celtic language, though it is also influenced by the Ripuarian, German and French languages.


The Pristinian language is referred to as the Tanᵹa nā h-Uḃınn, the "language of the Ubians", or simply Uḃınıge, "Ubian". This is in reference to the Celtic tribe of the Ubians (misidentified as a Germanic tribe by the Romans) who lived in the area today controlled by Pristinia.



The Pristinian alphabet contains the following letters (excluding vowels with acutes and graves):

Letter Name Transcr. Letter Name Transcr.
A, a a a Ɣ, ɣ ıɣé yh
Ā, ā āt òà L, l el l
Æ, æ æt ae M, m em m
B, b b Ṁ, ṁ ṁí mh
Ḃ, ḃ ḃí bh N, n en n
C, c c Ŋ, ŋ eŋa ng
Ċ, ċ ch O, o o o
Ç, ç éçe hh P, p p
D, d d Ṗ, ṗ ṗí ph
E, e e e R, r erá r
F, f f S, s, ſ es s
G, ᵹ ga g Ṡ, ṡ, ẛ ṡo sh
Ġ, ġ ġán gh T, t ta t
H, h ho h Ṭ, ṭ ṭí th
I, ı ı i U, u u u



Please note that all vowels may also represent a schwa, or schwa-like forms of their ordinary selves depending on their position within the word. In vowel digraphs, the use of a grave or accute accent on one or both of the letters may also modify the phoneme, though they are not listed here for reasons of brevity.


Spelling IPA Example
ea ʌ ceatsa
a açar
ao æː laor


Spelling IPA Example
x y z


Gender Cases Numbers Tenses Persons Moods Voices Aspects
Verb     Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Nouns Yes Yes            
Adjectives Yes Yes Yes          
Participles       Yes Yes Yes Yes  
Pronouns Yes Yes Yes   Yes      
Adpositions Yes Yes Yes   Yes      
Article Yes   Yes          


Gender/Number Singular Dual & Plural
Male An Na
Female Na
Neuter As Sa