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kingdom-Republic of Honderoarna
coat of Honderoarna
Anthem: "the people raises”
and largest city
Recognised national languagesSpanish
Governmentkingdom-republic multiparty system
• king-minister
Brandom Corona and Rodolfo farias
• second minister
Daniel Alvarez
Legislature[chamber of deputees of Honderoarna
Independence from Sweden and Mexico
• State established
1 november 2015
• Current constitution
15 september 2023
• Total
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• Water (%)
• Estimate
Time zoneUTC/GMT -7
Date formatdd-mm-yyyy
Driving sideright
Calling code+23 (312)
Internet TLD(proposed)

The kingdom-Republic of Hönderoarna is a self-declared sovereign state, or micronation, which has received recognition from the OFSM. Hönderoarna seceded from Mexico on 1 november 2015. Originally called the Democratic Kingdom of farias, the Congress voted to become a kingdom-Republic on 13 september 2023.


The name “Hönderoarna” comes from the word in sweddish "Dog islands".


Hönderoarna is a presidential kingom-republic, which operates under a multi-party system. Hönderoarna's government is run in three branches. Each of these branches oversee a separate part of the hönderoanan Government, ensuring the separation of powers.


The executive branch consists of the king-ministers, the second minister and the cabinet. The cabinet is made-up of Secretaries, each of whom run a specific section of the Hönderoarnan executive. These include the Treasury, the Department of Labour, the Department of the State, and several others. The king-ministers are the Chair of Cabinet, and the second minister, an elected position, represents the legislative branch in the cabinet.


National Congress of Hönderoarna

The Legislative Branch of the Hönderoarnan Government consists of the National Congress of Hönderoarna, which is elected by the people of Hönderoarna every three months.


Unlike many other countries, the Judicial Branch of Hönderoarna is elected. Every three months, an election is held for members of the Judicial Assembly, with one elected from each of three geographic districts. These members serve as a body similar to a Jury. As well as this, a Chairperson of the Judicial Assembly is elected annually. The current chair is Mateo Yedra.


Mainland Hönderoarna is located in hermosillo, Mexico. Its location is known only to the king-ministers, their family, and the highest ranking members of the Hönderoarnan Government. Hönderoarna's extended territories include dog Island (located in the baltic sea, Sweden). Hönderoarna's subdivisions are states and SARs.


Flag State Population Governor
Vernussia 5 Rodolfo Farias
Brandomia 5

Brandom Corona

Special Administrative Regions
SAR Population Administrator
Dog islands 1 Max I
brandomia ranch 0 Brandom Corona


Hönderoarnan Culture is largely based on USA and Mexican society. Though, Hönderoarnan culture is far less consumerist and far more ecological.


Benjastan recognizes all Mexican civic holidays, as well as all Judaeo-Christian Holy Days.

National Holidays
Date Name
1 January year first Day
19 March Spring Festival
22 March Unification Day
30 april children's Day
20 June Summer Festival
22 September Fall Festival
13 September constitution Day
1 November Independence Day
21 December Winter Festival
24-25 December christmas Days


Hönderoarna's national sports are chess and football soccer."Metegol" its also very popular. Sporting is not a very popular pastime in Hönderoarna, as most citizens prefer to read a good book instead.


The official languages of Hönderoarna are spanish, Hönderoarnan and sweddish. sweddish is the most commonly spoken language, while Hönderoarnan is still popular. Hönderoarnan is a blend of Spanish and sweddish.