Duchy of Clay

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Duchy of Clay
Flag of Duchy of Clay
Coat of arms
Official languagesEnglish
GovernmentAbsolute Monarchy
• Duke
Nicholas Abbott
Establishment29 September 2020
• Total
0.590 km2 (0.228 sq mi)
• Ignatius
0.07 km2 (0.027 sq mi)
• 2023 estimate
• Density
1.58/km2 (4.1/sq mi)
• 2023 estimate
• Name
Erieble (EB)
• Type
Pegged currency
Time zoneEST-4
The Duchy of Clay is part of the Kingdom of Northwood-Oregon

The Duchy of Clay is a member state of the Kingdom of Northwood-Oregon. It was founded on 29 September 2020 by Duke Nicholas Abbott and is located in Oregon, Ohio. It is notable for being one of the two originally duchies founded at the beginning of the Kingdom, the other being the Duchy of Ottis. It is an absolute monarchy under Duke Nicholas. The County of Ignatius under Count Sav Large is considered integrated into Clay, making Ignatius subject to Clay's laws.


The Duchy of Clay's name comes from the fact that it is a duchy and due to its location being based around Clay High School. Clay High School was named after Jeremiah Clay, who donated the farmland the school was built on.[1]


Carson Snyder (front) and Theo Porter (back) playing for the Clay High School Marching Band at Northview High School on 27 August 2021.


The Duchy of Clay was founded on 29 September 2020, as one of the original two duchies of the Kingdom of Northwood-Oregon. It was founded by Duke Nicholas and took ownership of Clay High School, a common meeting place for many citizens of the Kingdom and members of its government alike.

Legends and myths

Many of the legends and myths within the Duchy of Clay are based around Clay High School itself. These myths commonly revolve around paranormal activity and are often repeated orally, or vouched for, by school janitorial staff and foreign language teachers alike.

Specter of Clay

The Specter of Clay is rumored to be a young girl haunting the hallways of Clay High School. The story, typically passed down by school janitorial staff as they are the only ones in the school late enough to experience the Specter, goes that the specter is a young girl who died on the property while it was still farmland. For unknown reasons, her spirit still roams the halls of the school, causing unexplainable phenomena and noises to occur late at night.


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