Duchy of Coqueland

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Duchy of Coqueland
Motto: Standen Eens
Anthem: Stand One/ Standen Eens (In the tune of Die Stem)
File:North-East England
Official languagesEnglish, Angle-Dutisch
• Grand Lord
James I
• Duke
Stephen I
LegislatureCoqueland Government
• Census
CurrencyPound Sterling
Time zoneUTC + 0

The ‘Rand and Blurry Duchy of Coqueland was a micronation that was located in North-East England. Although it claimed independence, it was very closely tied to the United Kingdom. Despite having features that may suggest it had an organisational structure identical to that of a duchy, Coqueland adopted a system of government that make it much more like a constitutional monarchy. The current head of state is Duke Stephen I who is assisted in government by 'Rand Lord James I. Although the title may suggest otherwise, both the Duke and the 'Rand Lord of Coqueland can be voted out of office in a secret ballot held at the request of the people of Coqueland.

On the 15th September 2010, the Duchy of Coqueland joined the World Micronations Alliance and on the 28th further strengthened inter-micronational ties by becoming a Runic Nation, pledging to contribute resources to the aid of communication between Germanic language speakers by creating an auxiliary language known as Angle-Dutisch.


Coqueland is governed by a parliament of 8 people who are voted in by the people of Coqueland in a general election, this happens every two years on the 1st July. Each would-be candidate has the month of June to put their names forward for the election along with the job they will be contesting, the candidate then has the remainder of June to promote their election campaign.

Citizenship of Coqueland

All citizens of Coqueland enjoy dual-citizenship of Coqueland and their country of origin, most of the citizens of Coqueland hold British passports, seven of the current eight members of the Coqueland Parliament hold British passports in addition to those of Coqueland, the sole non-British member of the Coqueland Parliament is Chancellor of the Exchequer Matthew 'Ani MCP who holds a United States passport.

Territory claimed

Coqueland has several territorial claims on two continents, the only claims actually under any control by Coqueland however are in Wallsend in the United Kingdom. As well as this, Coqueland has larger lands on the North-American and African continents. The major North-American claim is Borden Island in Canada along with a few surrounding isles. A previous claim is the terra nullius 'Bir Tawil' on the Egypt-Sudan border, while it no longer claims the land itself Coqueland is still involved in micro-national affairs concerning Bir Tawil.


The dialect of English spoken in Coqueland is known as Coquelander-En'lish, in speech it is near if not identical to Standard English however when written it leaves out the letter G and replaces it with an apostrophe. This is the official language of Coqueland however colloquially it can sound and be written like Geordie-English which is a dialect used in the area in and around the city of Newcastle-upon-Tyne in the United Kingdom.

The use of Coquelander-En'lish is quickly vanishing and is now almost identical to British-English, the Coqueland Government have confirmed that they will make no effort to sustain the use of Coquelander-En'lish and have stated that the use of British-English is much better for the creation of Anglo-German which is the main policy of the Coqueland Government.