Kingdom of Egemonica

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Regno di Egemonica
Coat of arms
Motto: Egemonia Nazionale!
Anthem: "Viva il Re"
CapitalGreat Duchy of Astolfinia
Official languagesItalian, French
Catholicism, protestantism, atheism; main article: State religion in Egemonica
GovernmentConstitutional Parliamentary Popular Elective Monarchy
• King
Edoardo Vittorio I
Establishment17 January 2021
Time zoneUTC +2:00
Member state of the Alliance of the Micronations

Egemonica officially the Regno di Egemonica (English: Kingdom of Egemonica) is a sovereign micronation located in the Italian Peninsula. It's a constitutional parliamentary popular elective monarchy. The current king is Edoardo Vittorio I, with the treatment of "Sua Altezza Reale" (His Royal Highness). Egemonica was born the 17th of January 2021, proclaimed by the current king.


Egemonica, created the 17th of January 2021 was firstly called "the General Monarchy of Egemonica". One week later was officially announced as "Regno di Egemonica", in english "Kingdom of Hegemony", an elective constitutional parliamentary popular monarchy. The nation was ideated and declared by Edoardo Podestà, who became known as Edoardo Vittorio I, King of Egemonica, Prince of Terrafina, Duke of Astolfinia, Baron of the Podestà Barony and Emperor of the Egemonican People.

Administration territories

Decision-making power

The decision-making power in Egemonica is divided in small committees, that all responds to the central government and king. These committees are:

•National Organization Committee, the most influent off all, that takes decisions on national scale.

It has no permanent members, and can be summoned with a petition by every citizen, and all citizen can access to it.

•Committee of Administration Territories and Peoples, express itself on decision about the Egemonican administration territories and the Egemonican cultural diversity.

•Special Executive Committee for Culture and Art, that takes decisions about cultural events in the country.

•Special Executive Committee for Natural Integrity, for the preservation of the nature.


The Kingdom has only one party registered, the Egemonican Party, also cited in the constitution.

Name General Secretary Position Ideologies
Egemonican Party PE Edoardo Vittorio I Antifascism, Antistalinism, AntiAncCap, Socialism
Egemonican Party Flag


Egemonica currently has a little army (Royal Egemonican Army, in italian: Regio Esercito Egemoniense), only for demonstrative purposes. At the head of the army, as Supreme commander of the Royal Army, there is the King of Egemonica, with the grade of Generalissimo and Officer of the Daring Cossacks(Cosacchi Arditi) Armed Group. At the head of the Navy(Regia Marina) there is the Great Prince Stefano I, with the "Armed Group Official" Grade.

The 14th of May was established the Red and White Army for the Popular defense (Armata Rossobianca per la difesa Popolare), an unarmed popular defense organization.

Flag of the Red and White Army for the Popular Defense
Egemonican Royal Navy Flag
Egemonican Royal Army Flag

Nobility titles

The Kingdom confers nobility titles and most of the inhabitants have one. Here is the list of the nobility titles existing in Egemonica:

Re di Egemonica/King of the Kingdom of Hegemony (not transferable)


Gran Principe/Great prince

Gran Dama/Great Lady


Granduca/Great Duke








Orders and National Honors

-Order of the Merit Star of Egemonica

-Order of the Gold Grope (currently disbanded)

-National Merit Crown

-"Lorenzo Podestà" Sport Merit Medal


The document known as the Egemonican Party Recognition Act recognizes all UN state members, with some limitations and exceptions.

With a resolution by the 5th of November 2022, the King recognized as independent micronations:




Federal Republic of New Zakozia

Starting the 4th of December, Egemonica recognized with a treaty the Italic Duchy of Western Long Island¹.

Egemonica has diplomatic relations with the following states:

Federal Republic of New Zakozia

Principality of Sancratosia

Kingdom of Salanda, main article: Egemonica-Salanda relations

Kingdom of Afgarinestia

Kingdom of Cartia

Egemonica Friendship Association

Egemonica Friendship Association logo
Egemonica Friendship Association logo

The Egemonica Friendship Association (EFA) is a non-profit association founded the 22nd of December 2021 by the government, wanted firstly by His Highness Edoardo Vittorio I, defining it as "Essential for the friendship between the various nations that host our citizens all over the world".

Contacts for diplomacy

Official mail:


  1. File:Recognition document between Egemonica and Western Long Island.pdf