Electoral Commission (Ikerlàndia)

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The Electoral Commission (Ikerlandian: Elektraalyzööe; lit. "Court of Elections") is an independent state agency responsible for organizing national, regional, local and partisan elections and referendums in Ikerlàndia. Its creation was mandated by the new and present Electoral Regulations, which came into effect in 2023. Prior to the creation of the commission, the Home Ministry was responsible for organizing and monitoring elections nationwide.

As the central administrative authority for elections, the Electoral Commission has an instrumental role in all public elections in Ikerlàndia. It is expected to be neutral, nonpartisan and transparent. It's composed by three members who serve three-year terms; one must be selected by the Parliament, another by the Supreme Court, and another by HM the King – the three official powers of the Ikerlandian state. The commission's members – known as 'magistrates', same as the members of the judiciary – must renounce all party memberships and refrain from publicly endorsing any candidates or parties.