Empire of Arkonia

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Empire of Arkonia
Flag of Empire of Arkonia
Coat of arms of Empire of Arkonia
Coat of arms
Motto: Jen Nia Lando (English: This is our country)
Anthem: Arkonia, Our Home and Land!
Arkonia within the USA: The Capital(1), the Alueets of Ware(2), Galym(3), Fürgava(4), Anatu(5), Arkavia(6). Click to expand.
Arkonia within the USA: The Capital(1), the Alueets of Ware(2), Galym(3), Fürgava(4), Anatu(5), Arkavia(6). Click to expand.
and largest city
Arkonia City
Official languagesEnglish
GovernmentSemi-absolute federal monarchy
A. Dillman
None, currently
LegislatureCongress(House of Commons  • House of Lords)
Establishment29 March 2019
(not including people living inside of Arkonian borders but unaware of what Arkonia is) census
CurrencyUS Dollar ($)
Time zoneUTC-6
Preceded by
Succeeded by
Federal Kingdom of Arkonia
Federal Republic of Arkonia
Arkonian League

Arkonia, officially the Empire of Arkonia, is an autonomous sociocultural political project which claims to be a sovereign state but is more commonly referred to as a micronation by the general populace. Founded in the United States of America, Arkonia declared independence on November 17, 2017. It became a republic in January 2019, and eventually, in April 2019, became the Empire we currently know it as. The country is made up of one contiguous piece of land, which is divided up into 6 subdivisions - five kingdoms and one district.

Arkonia is quite heavily based off of other micronations. Of course, the name comes from the two predecessor nations, the Federal Kingdom of Arkonia and the Federal Republic of Arkonia. The plan for the strong executive was in part inspired by Austenasia, and the "federal monarchy" inspired by the Abeldane Empire. In addition to these, the military was inspired by Baustralia.


As a Kingdom(2017-19)

The Federal Kingdom of Arkonia was created in November 2017 by the person, who, while currently being Emperor of Arkonia, was only the Prime Minister at the time. Tony I, King of Arkonia was the first King. Arkonia slowly developed, "passing" some legislation(although at the time there was really no process for actually getting it signed) but not much else getting done. Frustrated at the lack of progress, the Prime Minister, along with the mostly inactive king, decided to dissolve the monarchy and transition into a republic on 22 January 2019.

As a Republic(2019)

Refreshed, and no longer with the notorious "100-page constitution", about which the Prime Minister was reported saying "even I haven't read it all", Arkonia(led almost entirely by the Prime Minister, got pieces of legislation on the table. However, due to just about everyone else being much busier with schoolwork and other priorities, no legislation got passed. For much of the same reasons, the Prime Minister decided maybe the monarchy wasn't such a bad idea.

As a Empire(2019 - )

In mid-March 2019, a plan was devised to change the government for the second time in less than half a year. This plan called for a stronger executive, and a simplification of government, rather than the bloated bueracaracy that was planned to happen under the repubic. On 29 March 2019, the Imperial Government, also known as IG, officially replaced the republic. Under the new constitution, there is a stronger executive, who now has the ability to pass legislation single-handedly after a certain amount of time, among other powers. This was so "government could actually happen", according to the new Emperor.

Administrative divisions

Arkonia is divided up into six subdivisions, five Kingdoms(formerly "alueets", a Finnish word meaning "areas"[1]) and one district. This makes arkonia a federal monarchy, much like the German Empire.[2] However, even though the official name of this district is the District of Arkonia City, it is technically still a monarchy. Arkonia City is also the capital city. In each of the kingdoms, there are no further subdivisions.

Flag State Code(unnoficial) Pop. Head of state
Arkonia City.png District of
Arkonia City
ARC 2 A. Dillman
Emperor of Arkonia
King of Arkonia City
AnatuFlag.svg Kingdom of
King of Anatu
ArkaviaFlag.svg Kingdom of
King of Arkavia
FurgavaFlag.svg Kingdom of
King of Fürgava
GalymFlag.svg Kingdom of
King of Galym
WareFlag.svg Kingdom of
King of Ware


The Government is led by the President of the Empire of Arkonia, who is appointed by the Emperor. He is completely separate from the legislature, and has no power over the legislature.


The Parliament is part of the Legislative branch of the Imperial Government. There used to be two houses in the Parliament, but because of changes in the constitution, there is only one house, the House of Parliament, with two sections, one section being elected, and one being appointed.


There are six ministries in Arkonia, all of which report to the Emperor in the Imperial Cabinet.

Logo Name of Ministry Acronym(unofficial) Employees Minister
Ministry of Internal Affairs.svg Ministry of
Internal Affairs
Minister of Internal Affairs
Ministry of Immigration and Naturalization.svg Ministry of
Minister of Immigration and Naturalization
Ministry of Defence.svg Ministry of
MoD 0 N/A
Minister of Defence
Ministry of Justice.svg Ministry of
MoJ 0 N/A
Minister of Justice
Ministry of Licensing.svg Ministry of
MoL 0 N/A
Minister of Licensing

Law and order



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