Empire of Luri

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Empire of Luri
Motto: Ubi bene, ibi patria
Anthem:To be defined
Government: Constitutional monarchy
Political Division To be defined
Territory: Non-territorial
Population: Pending, circa 15
Date of foundation: January 29, 2010
Head of State: HIM Emperor Alexandre I of Luri
Head of Government: HIM Emperor Alexandre I of Luri (until a PM is elected)
Government Bodies: Congress(PM,elected), Imperial Council (Emperor,appointed)
Language: English, plans for expansion (like Portuguese)
Demonym: Lurian
Currency: To be defined
Religion: No state religion (tolerant)
Micropatriology Between Realism and Simulationism


The Empire was an idea of HIM Emperor Alexandre and a group of friends, the goal was forming a community with friendly interests, as well as promoting their apreciation of arts and entertainment with it.

After many months of careful planning the Emperor finnaly finished the flag and opened a site for the micronation. Officialy estabilishing it on January 29, 2010.The forum was opened on the following day by the morning.

A constitution is being written and the Emperor expects the citizens to register in the forum in the following days. Furthermore elections will be held as soon as the micronation becomes fully active.

A coat of arms is still being chosen.

After being incessantly bothered by a presbyterian Finn the Emperor edited the page to say No State Religion instead of atheist.(go figure)


The Government is a constitutional monarchy, the Emperor is the head of state and usually does not intervenes in the government itself, but he can and his decisions overrule all others.

This was done to ensure the nation will not "stray" from it's path, but will by no means be used to promote personal views. It's an emergecial resource.

The Imperial Council is a body of individuals chosen by the Emperor to represent him and help the nation with advices and intervening in case of a crisis.

The Congress is elected, the number of seats is yet to be defined though it will probably be very small at the start. Candidates need no party to run in the elections but are encouraged to join one or found a new one, the Congress controls the Legislative.

The Prime Minister is also elected and serves as Head of Government. Each party can only have one candidate for PM election.


Since Luri has just been founded it is still waiting for recognition and contacts with other micronations, but will actively seek them in the coming weeks. It's also open to offers from any respected micronations.

A list of micronations it recognises will soon be published, any micronations who aren't on the list are free to initiate talks.

Links and Contacts

Lurian Government Site Lurian Forum