Empire of Myrotania

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De réH dy myrótanyay
The Empire of Myrotania
Myrotania CoA.png
Coat of arms
Motto: Opinio Essentialis (Latin)
Imagination is essential
Anthem: World in Union
Official languagesMyrotanian
GovernmentAbsolute monarchy
• Emperor
HIM Emperor Thomas I
LegislatureCongressus Unius
Establishment03 March 2013
• Census
CurrencyPound Sterling (£)
Time zoneUTC (DST not observed)
Preceded by
w:United Kingdom

The Empire of Myrotania, or Myrotania was a micronation located in the UK.[1] It was an absolute monarchy under the reign of His Imperial Majesty, Emperor Thomas I. The area claimed by the Empire of Myrotania was 4,558 ft² (0.0004 km²) of habitable area on Earth, in addition to the dwarf planet of Cererian Territory (total surface area of 2,850,000 km²) and an office in Nuenen, the Netherlands, where the Myrotanian Embassy in the Netherlands was located. It appears to have been inactive since 2015.


Myrotania was established on 3 March 2013 and that day is thus considered a National Holiday within the Empire. The Empire was established in the UK. The founder and first Emperor, Thomas I claimed 111 ft² (10m²) of land as the first Myrotanian capital. Within the first week of foundation, however, the area claimed expanded to 4558 ft² (423m²). This area was named as capital of Myrotania, later re-named as the Groentonian Territory of Myrotania. As a further development, on 1 September 2014, Myrotania claimed the dwarf planet of Ceres in the asteroid belt as the second territory of Myrotania.



Executive power in Myrotania is exercised by the Emperor, via His Imperial Majesty's Government (the unicameral legislature of Myrotania through the MNP.) The monarch is both the head of state and government, however, a Prime Minister can be appointed by the Emperor as a de facto head of government (although all decisions of the Parliament must go through the head of state, who is incidentally the de jure head of government).


The Myrotanian political system consists of a single party. The party in power over Myrotania is The Myrotanian National Party (MNP), run by Thomas I, Emperor of Myrotania; both head of state and head of government.


The Law is passed by the Emperor and currently consists of 9 acts:

  • Act 1 - The Constitution
  • Act 2 - Subjects, Residents and Citizens
  • Act 3 - Treaties, Emergency and Judges
  • Act 4 - Rights
  • Act 5 - Integrity and Testimony
  • Act 6 - Right to Privacy, Profession and Teaching
  • Act 7 - Dates and Holidays
  • Act 8 - Monopolies
  • Act 9 - Religious Freedom


The Empire of Myrotania is generally used as a hypernym for the capital territory: Groenton, which is a landlocked teritory with an approximate area of 4558 ft² (423m²). The country occupies a negligible part of Great Britain. The Empire is part of the British Isles.


The Empire of Myrotania experiences a temperate maritime climate, like most of the British Isles, with relatively cool summers and mild winters. The country's average annual rainfall is 806.6 millimetres (31.76 in) compared to the UK average of 1,125.0 millimetres (44.29 in), and its mean rain days are 140.4 mm (5.53 in) per annum, compared to the UK average of 154.4 mm (6.08 in). The mean temperature is slightly higher than that of the UK. Myrotania also has a relatively high humidity level. Snowfall is not a common sight in the built up areas, due to the urban warming effect of both Myrotania and the surrounding metropolitan area.

Claimed territories

# Flag Seal Name Date claimed Population Size Leader Duke
Flag of Groenton.jpg
Seal of Groenton.jpg
Groentonian Territory (Groenton)
3 March 2013
The Royal Family
Duke of Groenton
The Incumbent Emperor
Flag of Ceres.jpg
Seal of Ceres.jpg
Cererian Territory (Ceres)
1 September 2014
2,850,000 km²
Duke of Ceres
His Grace, Duke Oded
Quinntanian Territory (Quinntania)
6 May 2015
Duke of Quinntania
His Grace, Duke Ralf
File:Flag of Libua.jpeg
File:Seal of Libua.png
Libuan Territory (Libua)


A census is taken in the Empire of Myrotania every two years.[2] The most recent census in Myrotania was released on 3 March 2015, on the second anniversary of the Empire's establishment.

Ethnic groups

  • White: 57.9%
  • Black: 36.8%
  • Oriental: 5.3%


Whilst there were once four official languages in Myrotania, and, at a time, only two: it was declared on 28/06/2014 that there be only one de jure language in Myrotania: Myrotanian - a conlang constructed for the purpose of the micronation. The country recognises three languages as commonly used in the micronation which are English, Italian and Esperanto.

Myrotanian is a Germanic-based constructed language (or conlang) originally based on the Dutch language. This language is noticeable for it's case-sensitive (capitonymic) use of the Latin alphabet; in which, capital letters have different pronunciations to lower-case letters.

Cererian is a constructed language originally intended to look and sound non-terrestrial as it is the regional language of the non-terrestrial Myrotanian territory of Ceres.



Education is compulsory from ages 5 to 17. That is 12 years of compulsory education split into three schools. Ages 5 to 11 attend primary school (for 6 years), ages 11 to 15 attend secondary school (for 4 years) and ages 15 to 17 attend tertiary school (for 2 years). In the final year of each school, pupils sit examinations (PAEs, SCAs and FBAs respectively).

This system of schooling is roughly based on European schooling systems, with primary schools, secondary schools and colleges (tertiary school). After tertiary school, there are further educational possibilities; such as universities, which Myrotanian students generally attend from the age of 17 or 18 onwards, where they may study for an academic degree.

National Holidays

Myrotania has one official national holiday: 3 March, seen as Myrotania Day in the Empire. No Myrotanian citizen is under obligation to work on a Sunday, and according to Act 7 of the Law, there are also 15 days on which no citizen is required to work - seen almost as the National Holidays:


Anyone may apply for citizenship, no matter what their other nationalities are, simply by going to the website and filling in the details under the page titled: "Citizenship".[3]


Myrotania is a 5th world micronation with a score of 3.23 on the Stùrd System of Micronational Classification. Here are Myrotania's results for all the systems of classification (Stùrd's system included at the bottom):
Results taken from 8 August 2014

Foreign relations

Officially recognised micronations

Myrotania has diplomatic treaties with and thus recognises:[4]

Officially recognised macronations

In Myrotania's attempt to be recognised by the macronational community, Myrotania recognises the following macronations:

Micronational groups

Myrotania is also a member of:

and therefore recognises the members states of these two unions.


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