Empire of New America

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Empire of New America
Motto: Senatus Populusque Americae (SPQA) The Senate and People of America
Anthem: La Internationale
File:North Eastern Massachusetts.
Largest cityHighSchool
Official languagesEnglish/Latin/Roman
GovernmentSocialist Constitutional Monarchy
• Emperor
Ezra Rivard
• Consul
Henry Worden
• Census
216 (Residents) 5 (Official Citizens)
CurrencyNew American Dollar
Time zoneEST

The American Soviet Socialist Republic was a micronation located in North-Eastern Massachusetts, about 15 minutes away from Frieden. It was created by Jacob Lewis and Henry Worden as an 8th Grade project on society.


On Tuesday, November 19, Jacob Lewis abolished the Soviet Socialist Republic, discarded the Constitution, and declared himself Emperor of the nation. He founded a Roman Empire style nation, abolished the Supreme Soviet and replaced it with the new Senate. On the 8th, small skirmishes between the Legion Lewisa and a militant non-state actor known as the "Last Stand" began. They happened for two days, when finally, President Sturner of the Last Stand, Consul Centurian Worden, and Emperor Lewis, agreed on a treaty. Word of a Guerrilla Movement beginning in New America was slowly spreading. On February 3, Jacob Lewis Abdicated from New American throne, passing an Imperial Order, changing the name of New America to "Forivia". He appointed Ezra Rivard as Emperor of Forivia.


New America is a very flat nation, it has multiple fields, and is home to many different types of animals. New America also plans to conquer a field known as "No man's Land" It is very vegetated. In order to not get lost, people wishing to navigate the territories must follow paths. A small garden named "The Commune" grows most of the vegetables and fruits for New America.

Government and Military

The Emperor holds most of the power in New America as the monarch. A Senate and Imperial Court, with Senators and Justices appointed by the Emperor, hold some, but very little power. The Military is organised into subdivisions, called Legions, each consisting of ten soldiers and a Centurion. The Legions serve to keep law and order in the nation, as well as planning and acting out invasions against enemies. The Empire has never gone to war, but has been in small, unofficial skirmishes with the militant non-state actor "Last Stand". The Senate is the legislation of the Empire, serving to make laws and regulations. The Speaker of the Senate replaces the two Consuls. The Imperial Court is responsible for the judiciary. Political Parties in New America are completely aloud, there being 2 parties existing, the Communist, and Workers Party. Both holding Equal seats in the Senate.


With the Empire being very based off of the Roman Empire, Latin and Roman are considered as official languages. They are used on very special occasions. However, most of the population of New America speak English as a fluent, first language.


The Currency of New America is the New American Dollar. Coins display portraits of the Emperor or important figures of New America and Micronationalism in general. The bills are just monopoly dollars, as the Government found it easy to print them. The NAD is pegged at 0.25 USD.

Food and Dining

People in the Empire eat only the finest of meals, in the National Cafeteria. Food is served every day, a variety such as pizza, burgers and salads.


Though religious beliefs are completely aloud, the national religion is the worship of Roman gods. Roman Gods serve also as symbolic figureheads, like the languages. They serve to show devotion to the Emperor. The biggest belief is Atheism, with Christianity, Judaism, and even Islam being minority religions.

Local Governing

The mainland of the Empire is split into 3 main regions: Courtyard, Barnfield, and Soccerfield. They all have small councils, those councils elect up a lord, the lord serves as the head of the region. Territories taken over, invade, or annexed by the Empire, are held under supreme rule by the military. When a territory is annexed or invaded, the Emperor appoints one Centurion as the Consul of that region. The Emperor plans to make Centurion Worden as the Consul of No Man's Land if it is invaded.