Empire of West Antarctica

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"Empire of West Antarctica" redirects here. For other micronations known as West Antarctica, see West Antarctica (disambiguation).

The 'Empire of West Antarctica was a micronation founded by Emperor William Lehman I on 19 April 2019. It claimed the territory of Marie Byrd Land.

Empire of West Antarctica
Coat of arms

Marie Byrd Land
• Emperor
William Lehman I
Preceded by
Succeeded by
w:Marie Byrd Land
Empire of Lehmark


On 21 April 2019, a letter was written to the United Nation and members of the Antarctic Treaty System pressing the claim of the Empire. On the same day, the Empire adopted a Constitution, that contained the Basic Provision and Articles relating to the legislative, executive and judicial branches.
The Empire reformed into the Empire of Lehmark.


  1. The website is defunct