Exarchate of Byzantium

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Exarchate of Byzantium and Bosporus
Exarchate of Prudentianopolis
Flag of Exarchate of Byzantium and Bosporus
Third Eastern Roman Empire
Bravery Comes with Wisdom
Location of Exarchate of Byzantium and Bosporus
Grand Operation Azure Dragon8 June 2021
Founded bySupreme Commander of Intelligence Service Commission
 • TypePrudentianopolis Extraterritorial Agency, Secondairism Autonomous Entity with Devolved Administration
 • Body
  • Byzantine Council of States (upper house)
  • Byzantine Council of Elders and Scholars (lower house)
 • Regent of QuorumZerorius Hiruko (Knowledge for All Party)
 • ExarchZerorius Hiruko

Exarchate of Byzantium or Exarchate of Byzantium and Bosporus is Prudentianopolis self-administration extraterritorial entity in Eurasia. This state is under administration of Reality Society, for finding the knowledge resources and create the academic allies in the governing area. The head of state is Exarch of Byzantium, which has been held by the current Regent of Quorum, Zerorius Hiruko.

Honorary Citizenship

Name Inhabited Nation Title City in Title Date of Promotion
Monarchy of Queensland Queensland Protohypatos (First Consul of Exarchate) Bosporus 8 June 2021
Monarchy of Huai Siao Huai Siao Crete
Prime Minister of Queensland Queensland Logothetes tou dromou (Logothetes of Delegates) -
Prime Minister of Huai Siao Huai Siao