Reality Society (Prudentianopolis)

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Reality Society of Philosopher Confederation of Prudentianopolis
Reality Society
Coat of arms
Motto: Though the heaven falls, the will of people remain
(แม้นภาจะร่วงลงสู่เบื้องเกศา แรงปรารถนาของประชาจะไม่สั่นคลอน)
StatusConfederated subject of Prudentianopolis
Ethnic groups
Thais (100%)
Buddhism (de facto)
Demonym(s)Molcian (de facto)
GovernmentSemi-federal one-party autocratic republic without occupied land
Zerorius Hiruko
LegislatureKnowledge for All's Legislative Function (de jure)
Rule by decree from consent of Quorum of Party (de facto)
Quorum of Party
• Provisional Government of Knowledge for All
15 December 2019
Time zoneGMT+7 (Official Time)
Date formatdd-mm-yyyy

Reality Society, or officially Reality Society of Philosopher Confederation of Prudentianopolis (Thai: สังคมโลกปกติแห่งสมาพันธรัฐนักปราชญ์พรูเดนเทียโนโปลิส) is the semi-independent political sovereign entity of Prudentianopolis, the confederated entity created in 2019. The capital city is Prudentianopolis, the residence of Regent of Quorum, supreme leader of Prudentianopolis. The government is directly reporting to United Government of the League of Knowledge for All, the common central government of Prudentianopolis, and sharing the same constitutional organ with Prudentianopolis.

Administrative Division

Even the constitution did not provide right to own the lands, but the administrative area has been designed same with the branch of company or extraterritorial agency. The largest unit for Prudentianopolis's administrative division, in reality society, is the Operation Zone or equivalent (such as European Zone's Katepanate). Meanwhile the cyberspace society's largest administrative division had not provided, but de facto unit is a group in any social media platform.

Responsible Regions for Asian Zone

Responsible Region (Thai: เขตผู้รับผิดชอบ) is de jure largest administrative division, but do not have a power of executive, legislature or judicature. The rank of responsible region is likely same with viceroy in constituency area. Meanwhile the operation zone practically is the largest administrative division with power of executive, legislature and etc.

List of leaders of responsible regions

Head of Council of Responsible Region
Presidency of Council of Responsible Region Responsible Region Operation Zone Took Office Left Office
Zerorius Hiruko Grand Prudentianopolis Prudentianopolis 15 December 2020
Nopporn Songsuksumphao Uthai Thani
Srattha Ruchirawimon Phayap Chiang Mai 13 August 2023
Raktakul Takulsunthornchai Korat
Thanakrit Daeng-ed Chumphon Krabi

Operation Zones

List of leaders of operation zones
Chief of Operation Zone
Chief of Operation Zone Operation Zone Capital District Responsible Region Took Office Left Office
Zerorius Hiruko Operation Zone Prudentianopolis Prudentianopolis Grand Prudentianopolis 15 December 2020
Piyawat Amornthatri Operation Zone Inner Rattanakosin Bangkok (Phra Nakorn area of Bangkok)
Phumraphee Lathiprasart Operation Zone Outer Rattanakosin Bangkok (Thonburi area of Bangkok)
Nopporn Songsuksumphao Operation Zone Uthai Thani Uthai Thani Uthai Thani
Srattha Ruchirawimon Operation Zone Chiang Mai Chiang Mai Phayap 13 August 2023
Raktakul Takulsunthornchai Operation Zone Korat Korat Korat
Alexander Vanisov Operation Zone Buriram, de facto Operation Zone Chumphon Chumphon (de facto) Krabi
Thanakrit Daeng-ed Operation Zone Krabi Krabi
Siwakorn Yaonun Operation Zone Phattalung Phattalung 5 January 2023 21 May 2023

Exarchates for European Zone

Exarchate is historical administration area from Roman Empire/Byzantine Empire, which empowered the exarch for overseeing the administration in assigned territory, Knowledge for All adapted the exarchates for European Zone, as extraterritorial agency, is equivalent the Responsible Regions in Asian Zone. While the deputy of the exarch is katepano, which ruled in assigned zone inside exarchate.

List of exarches

Exarch Exarchate Operation Zone Took Office
Zerorius Hiruko Byzantium and Bosporus Constantinople 8 June 2021