Regent of Quorum

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Regent of Quorum of Party
Seal of Office of Regent of Quorum
Flag of Regent of Quorum
Zerorius Hiruko

since 6 November 2019
StyleHis Excellency (formal, diplomatic)
Your Superior Leadership
Mr.Supreme Leader (informal, internal using)
TypeHead of state
Party leader
Presiding house speaker
C-suite officer
StatusSupreme leader
Head of organization
Member ofQuorum of Party
Intelligence Service Commission
Executive Bureau
Reports toQuorum of Party
NominatorQuorum of Party
AppointerQuorum of Party
Term lengthLife Tenure
Constituting instrumentRegency Command of Status of Knowledge for All
PrecursorEmperor of Eastern Roman Empire and Chairman of Presidium of Supreme Soviet (Historical Reference)
Formation6 November 2019
First holderZerorius Hiruko
Unofficial namesRegent
DeputyDeputy Regent of Quorum (de facto, not designed by law)

The Regent of Quorum[1] is the chief executive officer and president of Knowledge for All Organization, leader of Knowledge for All Party, titular head of state, and chief executive[2] of Prudentianopolis.

This office is the chief operative and representative of Quorum of Knowledge for All Party, the de facto chief judge for Supreme Court of Party, while the court is not in the session, the supreme commander of Knowledge for All's Intelligence Service Commission and presiding officer of legislative body and former deliberative assembly of state.

This office typically the supreme leader of Prudentianopolis with the consent of the members of Quorum of Party. Regent has the supreme power of executive, legislative and judicial. Also, can consider as an autocrat of nation from the contexts in constitution giving the absolute power to the Regent of Quorum, which officially holds by the citizen of state.

In the historical reference, this office is mainly incorporated from Emperor of Eastern Roman Empire (Byzantine Empire), which leads the country with supreme authority and be elected from masses, and President of the Presidium of the Supreme Soviet, which leads the collective leadership organ. The regent can be removed by Supreme Court of Party with impeachment or retirement and can be elected by the conference of Quorum of Party.


Regent of Quorum is referring as "the person who represents all the people in Quorum" when the 5 founding fathers established the ruling leader of Knowledge for All's Party. And the title "Regent" can refer to the title that the founding fathers needed. While the Thai word "ผู้ปฏิบัติงานแทนองค์ประชุม" or "Chief Operative Officer of the Quorum" is a fugitive word from the current meaning of the word "Regent", in Thai, as representative of the King, but the head of the party is representative of commoners who inaugurated the Oath of Five(s). With the common law system using in Molco, the regent can be the supreme officer of state while the quorum stills approving.

Regent for life

With the quorum had decided the first elected regent, Zerorius Hiruko, being the regent for life, he decided to make this position as his life tenure position to fulfill the duty of Quorum.

Historical Reference

Historical Reference is the word for describing the function of the Regent for administration and as the ruler, meanwhile, the constitution shall not describe or provide the full duty of the regent, but the regent itself must know the position they already took for now and their duty as representative of Quorum and people.

The regency doesn't functionally like a presidential or absolute monarchy system, but mostly similar to Byzantine Imperial Crown of Roman (the absolute monarchical power that governs over the empire of Roman), which described as the crowned presidency of Roman Empire.[3] The emperor was elected from their respective senate or the masses' decision,[4] not a hereditary title. Same to the Regent itself must be elected from Quorum, and people can have their involvement in the Regency Election.

Ideologies Behind the Regency Power

Zerorius, first regent of quorum, has described the ideologies of regency to his friend or some diplomats that regency of Prudentianopolis was made from idea of people's representative, or deputy of people, which this idea he later had founded be used in former title of Persian monarch from Zand dynasty, Karim Khan Zand, the Vakil-e Ra'aya (Deputy of People) of Persia, as well as idea of philosopher king, a wise and just king.

Another main idea behind regency power is the autocratic ruler, which he founded while he was studying about Byzantine empire, his master has had described a transition from title of Dictator perpetuo, or Permanent Dictator, of Roman Republic to the Autokrator, the autocrat of Romans of Byzantine empire.

He believes the regency is not about be absolute by context, but a massively large and organized hub of people, connecting everyone around globe to form the community from unbiased knowledge-based organization.

List of Regents of Quorum

No Portrait Name Offices held Date in office Tenure Note
Zerorius Hiruko
Zerorius Hiruko 6 November 2019 – Present 3 years, 322 days First elected regent
15 December 2019 - Incumbent 3 years, 283 days Regent of Quorum as chief executive officer of Prudentianopolis
Acting Collective Leadership
Co-Deputy Regents of Quorum
  • Chananon Kongram
4 November 2020 - 31 January 2021 88 days Co-Deputy Regents of Quorum as acting head of Quorum of Party


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