Knowledge for All's Legislative Function

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Knowledge for All's Legislative Function

4th Quorum Conference
Coat of arms or logo
Founded15 December 2019 (2019-12-15)
Regent of Quorum
Quorum of Party political groups
  •   Knowledge for All's Plenipotentiary Faction (11)
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Knowledge for All's Legislative Function (Thai: กลไกนิติบัญญัติแห่งความรู้เพื่อมวลชน) is constitutional supreme legislative authority of Prudentianopolis. The function is one of three pillars of national government for legislative duty. Together with Quorum of Party (The sovereign and judicatory) and Quorum Affairs Council (The executive). The function serves no purpose on approval the legislative bills and acts from Quorum of Party. But the function serves as symbolic of legislation in nation, though has been called as legislative authority.


The founding fathers of Molco decided to not allow the political parties in the legislature after the first regency election was held on 6 November 2019. But they allowed everyone to enjoy the rights of freely voting in Knowledge for All's Consultative Council and Quorum of Party. In practice, the political factions are allowed because of the determination of first regent. He seeks the pure democratic processing and is allowing people to group themselves with same or similar ideology on basic of unity in diversity. But forming the political party was prohibited.

Quorum of Party

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With the constitution designed the quorum of the party becomes the collective leadership. This body is a de facto supreme organ of the legislative body, composed of the inaugurated members or plenipotentiary members in terms of the constitution. This body is headed by Regent of Quorum, head of Knowledge for All Party, and de jure head of state.

Knowledge for All's Consultative Council

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Knowledge for All's Consultative Council was an advisory body and deliberative assembly of Quorum of Party's Legislative Function of Molco. This council allowed everyone in Molco capable of the right of legislature duty. This body can refer to the lower house of Knowledge for All's Legislative Function as well. Later dissolved by Joint Interaction Degree, together with Presidium and Privy Council (PSK).