Quorum Affairs Council

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Quorum Affairs Council
Sapha Kitjakarn Ongprachum
Agency overview
Formed3 February 2020 (2020-02-03)
Preceding agency
  • Quorum of Party (2019-2020)
TypeExecutive body/agency of Quorum of Party
Supreme executive organ of United Government
MottoProtects the rights and liberty of people
Agency executives

The Quorum Affairs Council is currently executive agency, committee of Quorum of Party, and supreme organ of the executive branch of United Government of League of Knowledge for All, composing the member of cabinets without limitation of seats in the cabinet. The members of QAC are ex-officio members from Quorum of Party with the title of Praefectus Partium and directly appointed by Regent of Quorum with advice from QAC Chairman, executive head of Quorum Affairs Council. Most members are holding the title Minister of Knowledge and the unique title of minister. The general style of the minister is Your Excellency.


The former provisional cabinet and collective head of state of nation, after Molco had been established by founding fathers, is Quorum of Party. The leader of QoP, Zerorius Hiruko, had announced the affairs of QoP must be organized and governed by representative organ, to prevent the overload working in QoP. He established Quorum Affairs Council, the executive and collective responsible organ to be representative of QoP in state executive branch.


Department Title Head Response Affair Note Status
Ministerial Level
Executive Bureau Director-General Zerorius Hiruko
  • All affairs inside History Club
  • Central authority of Cyberspace Society
  • Plenipotentiary ministry of Quorum Affairs Council and Quorum of Party
  • De facto primary executive organ of Cyberspace Molco.
  • Unaffected by Regency Command of Reallocation due the indirect supervision of Quorum of Party.
  • Ex-officio Office of Regent of Quorum
Quorum Affairs Council's Secretariat Level
Secretariat of Foreign Affairs Councilor-Secretary Zerorius Hiruko
  • Foreign relations
  • Giving the advice for delegation appointment to QAC Chairman
  • As Liaison Office of Cyberspace Society's Executive Bureau and Reality Society's Secretariat of General Affairs
Directly response on Chairman of Quorum Affairs Council Active
Secretariat of General Affairs
  • Surveying Citizens-Inhabitants Annual Census to both Cyberspace and Reality Society
  • Overseeing the QAC's Documents
  • Organizing the meeting of Quorum of Party or Quorum Affairs Council
  • Giving the advice for Reality Society's governorates appointment to QAC Chairman or Regent of Quorum
Secretariat of Financial Affairs Tanos Response the accountant and financial issue
Former ministries
Foreign Affairs Commission Minister Zerorius Hiruko Foreign affairs, overseas governmental organ affairs The ministry headed ex-officio by Chairman of Quorum Affairs Council. The FAC has been managed by Secretariat. Succeeded by Councilor-Secretary of Foreign Affairs Dissolve by Regency Command of Organizational Reallocation [1]
Ministry of Extraterritorial General Affairs Appoint, remove and advise the governors of responsible zones Succeeded by Councilor-Secretary of General Affairs
Ministry of Technician and Digital Library Protect the digital library and oversee the digital technical issues Only ministry that duty has been succeeded separately between
  • Quorum Affairs Council (for secretariat duty)
  • Grand People's Digital Library (for document archival overseeing duty)
Ministry of Financial and Accountant Affairs Tanos[2] Response the accountant and financial issue, collect the fee from members of Quorum of Party Succeeded by Councilor-Secretary of Financial Affairs
Knowledge for All's Intelligence Service Commission Supreme Commander-in-Chief Zerorius Hiruko Espionage, counterintelligent De facto ministerial department level of Quorum Affairs Council Transferred full supervision right to Quorum of Party

Dependency Departments

Department Parent Agency Title Head Note
Grand People's Digital Library Quorum of Party Lord Librarian of State Nopporn Songsuksumphao[3]

Cabinet (5th Cabinet)

Name Ministerial Council Title Portfolio Inaugurated Date Appointed to Cabinet Note
Zerorius Hiruko - Minister of Knowledge

- Minister of Southeast Asia

- Minister of East Asia

- Minister of Political Science

- Chairman of Quorum Affairs Council

- Councilor-Secretary of Foreign Affairs

- Councilor-Secretary of General Affairs

- Director-General of Executive Bureau

15 December 2019 16 February 2021
Piyawat Amornthatri - Minister of Knowledge

- Minister of Science

- Secretary-General of Quorum Affair Council 14 January 2020
Chananon Kongram - Minister of Knowledge

- Minister for Knowledge in the Buddhism

15 December 2019
Tanos (pseudonym) - Minister of Knowledge - Councilor-Secretary of Financial and Accountant Affairs The only active member using pseudonym in official document
Phumraphee Lathiprasart - Minister of Knowledge

- Minister of Southeast Asia

- Minister of East Asia

- Minister of Political Science

Thanakrit Daeng-ed - Minister of Knowledge

- Minister of Southeast Asia

- Minister of East Asia

Panart Leelangamwongsa - Minister of Knowledge 20 December 2019
Raktakul Takulsunthornchai - Minister of Knowledge

- Minister of Socialist and Communist

18 December 2019
Nopporn Songsuksumphao - Minister of Knowledge

- Minister of Mitteleuropa

- Minister of Western Europe

- Prince of Grand Library

- Lord Librarian of State of Grand People's Digital Library 8 February 2020 The second youngest member of QoP and QAC
Panus Santichairat - Minister of Knowledge 7 June 2020 First LGBT+ member of both QoP and QAC
Natthawat Chokchinnawan 12 July 2020

Italic is inactive member, wait for removal after the end of cabinet.

Dignified Ministers

Dignified Ministers, or officially called Honorary Minister is a title for minister without portfolio to directly appoint from Chairman of QAC by consent of Regent and does not have a title Praefectus Partium, this title is not included as a part of the cabinet.

Name Title Citizenship Date of Appointment
Tachit Wangtan - Honorary Minister of Western Europe None (Prudentianopolis Honorary Citizen) 2020
Pattanan Puengbun - Honorary Minister of Western Europe

- Honorary Minister of Eastern Europe

Pao, Emperor of Huai Siao - Honorary Minister of Southeast Asia Huai Siao 29 November 2020
Prince Eun Jo, Prime Minister of Huai Siao
Catherine VII The Queen Emeritus Queensland
Albert John, Duke of Horsens
King Tevan - Honorary Minister of Northern America Kingdom of Illandria 2 March 2021
Piya Daengja - Honorary Minister of Southeast Asia Kingdom Socialism Union of New Capanesia 4 February 2023
Patchena Namtri

Former Members

  • The Honorable, Korovsky, former Minister of Knowledge and Minister of Eurasia (15 December 2019 - 8 April 2020) 1st Cabinet
  • The Honorable, Jeeper, former Minister of Knowledge (15 December 2019 - 12 January 2021) 1st - 4th Cabinet
  • The Honorable, Siwakorn Yaonun, former Minister of Knowledge and Minister of Southeast Asia (5 January 2023 - 21 May 2023) 5th Cabinet
  • The Hororable, Srattha Ruchirawimon, former Minister of Knowledge and Keeper of Oath, (15 December 2019 - 13 August 2023) 1st - 5th Cabinet


Minister-in-waiting is a title grant to the people, who already took the oath. But the cabinet is still continuing the term office, they will in charge after the Quorum Conference has been ended by Regent of Quorum or Chairman of Quorum Affairs Council.

List of Cabinets

Current Cabinet

Cabinet Starting Date Head of Cabinet Head of State Causes of Opening
5th Cabinet 16 February 2021 (2 years, 288 days) Zerorius Hiruko
  • End of 4th Cabinet
  • Appointment of 3 ministers
  • Jeeper resigned from office
1st Cabinet (Provisional Cabinet by Quorum of Party until 3 February 2020)

15 December 2019 - 8 April 2020 (115 days)

Causes of Ending: Newly member in-charge of quorum and cabinet and "Korovsky" resigned from office.

2nd Cabinet

8 April 2020 - 7 June 2020 (60 days)

Causes of Ending: End the 3rd Consultative and Quorum conference, the new member had inaugurated and appointed by Regent of Quorum.

3rd Cabinet

7 June 2020 - 30 July 2020 (53 days)

Causes of Ending: End the 4th Quorum Conference, the chairman of the quorum affairs council declared the ending term and started a new cabinet's term.

4th Cabinet

30 July 2020 - 16 February 2021 (201 days)

Causes of Ending: End of 4th Extraordinary Session of Quorum Affairs Council, Chairman of Quorum Affairs Council has declared ending of 4th Cabinet.

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