Knowledge for All's Intelligence Service Commission

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Knowledge for All's Intelligence Service Commission
National Emblem of Prudentianopolis
Active15 December 2019
Country Prudentianopolis
AllegianceQuorum of Party
BranchNavy Information Bureau
Local Area Intelligence Bureau
TypeIntelligence Command
National Military Command
  • Interior-foreign intelligence mission
  • Espionage
  • Counter-intelligence
  • Promote the Operation Zone
Size11 (due the number of membership capacity in Quorum of Party)
Nickname(s)ISC, The Vanguard
Motto(s)Let the Silence to be Loud and Clear (ความเงียบงันจะดำรงไว้ด้วยความชัดเจนและแจ่มแจ้ง)
Anniversaries15 December 2019 (de facto)
EngagementsHZM's Leadership Crisis
Thai Nazi Party Conflict
Supreme CommanderZerorius Hiruko

Knowledge for All's Intelligence Service Commission (Thai: คณะกรรมาธิการฝ่ายงานข่าวกรอง, Chinese: 無名哲人黨情報服務委員會; abbr. 報務會 BaoWuHui) is an intelligence agency of Quorum of Party and former ministry in QAC, to response of both interior-foreign intelligence mission, espionage, counterintelligence and promote the operations, the QAC chairman has decided the ISC as de facto ministry of defense and included into the Quorum Affairs Council. The principal head of ministry is Supreme Commander-in-chief of ISC, occupied by Zerorius Hiruko, the current Regent of Quorum. Currently transfer the supervision to Quorum of Party by Regency Command of Organizational Reallocation.[1]

Candidate Agency

Candidate Agency (Thai: สำนักงานผู้มีสิทธิ์ในงานข่าวกรอง) is the sub-level intelligence agency of ISC to collect the information within the subjugated area, headed by Candidate (Thai: ผู้มีสิทธิ์). It has proposed by supreme commander-in-chief while speaking with Techit Wangtan, a candidate for Navy Information Bureau of ISC and second lieutenant of RTN.

List of candidate agencies

  • Navy Information Bureau: Techit Wangtan (candidate), Alexander Vanisov (candidate)
  • Local Area Intelligence Bureau: Zerorius Hiruko (candidate)


War Started Date Ended Date Declared by ISC Participants Commanders Result
History Meme Zone's Leadership Crisis 28 April 2020 ca. 31 April 2020 Piyawat Amornthatri
  • Whistleblower Troop
Thai Nazi Party Conflict 28 April 2022 Zerorius Hiruko Zerorius Hiruko
  • Thai Nazi Party's spokesperson has accepted the multi-discord groups cyber war declaration by leader of TNP was misbehavior of TNP's leader and leading to collective responsibility in the Thai Nazi Party's leadership.
  • The anarchy in TNP discord

Ranks and Insignia