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His Excellency
Sir Albert William John
President of New South Canberra
1st Duke of Horsens

Portrait of Sir Albert W. John in 2020
President of New South Canberra
In office:
1 November 2021 – 25 September 2022
Prime Minister Charles David Hawkey-Jeffery
Predecessor Dame Theresa Hunnerberg
Successor Office abolished
Governor of Queensland Province
Assumed office:
18 January 2021
Monarch Juliana VIII
Edward IX
Chief Minister Sir Michael John
Predecessor Dame Mary J. London
Former offices
6th and 9th Prime Minister of Queensland
In office:
18 August 2018 – 16 March 2019
Monarch George III
Deputy Prime Minister Dame Victoria Malta
Predecessor Dame Victoria Malta
Successor Sir Smith Arthur
In office:
12 March 2020 – 6 January 2021
Monarch George III
Charlotte IV
Albert V
Frederick VI
Catherine VII
Juliana VIII
Deputy Prime Minister Sir Gustaf Ingrid
Predecessor Charlotte Eberhard-Bernhard
Successor Sir Gustaf Ingrid
Personal Information
Full name
Albert William John
Born 19 October 2002 (2002-10-19) (age 20)
Citizenship  Queensland
 New South Canberra
Nationality Thai
Religion Buddhism

Sir Albert William John, 1st Duke of Horsens is the current President of the Republic of New South Canberra who assumed the office on 1 November 2021 replaced Dame Theresa Hunnerberg. Sir John has also served as the Prime Minister of Queensland on two different occasions and held several other offices in Queensland. He is a close friend of King Edward IX of Queensland and former monarch, Catherine VII of Queensland.

Personal life

Sir Albert John is born on 19 October 2002 in Thailand and has been a follower of Buddhism since his birth. He is a personal friend of King Edward IX of Queensland and former monarch, Catherine VII of Queensland.

Micronational career

As the head of the Conservation and Democracy Party, Sir Albert John served as the Prime Minister of Queensland on two different occasions. He came the Prime Minister for the first time on 18 August 2018 replacing Dame Victoria Malta who became the Deputy Prime Minister during his term. He remained as the Prime Minister until 16 March 2019 and was succeeded by Sir Smith Arthur.

His second term in office as the Prime Minister began on 12 March 2020 succeeding former Queen Charlotte IV who went through her birth name of Charlotte Eberhard-Bernhard. He appointed Sir Gustaf Ingrid as his deputy who later went on to succeed him as the Prime Minister on 6 January 2021. Following his stepping down as the Prime Minister, he was appointed as a Deputy Prime Minister and the Minister of Foreign Affairs. He subsequently also became the Governor of the Queensland Province on 18 January 2021 replacing Dame Mary J. London.

On 1 November 2021, he assumed the office of the President of New South Canberra succeeding Dame Theresa Bunnerberg.


National honours

New South Canberran honours

Queenslandian honours

Queenslandian state honours

Foreign honours

Former honours

Other honours

  •  Molco: Honorary Member of Quorum Affairs Council as Honorary Minister of Southeast Asia (29 November 2020)