Federal Union of Cizland

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Federal Union of Cizland
Flag of Federal Union of Cizland
Coat of arms of Federal Union of Cizland
Coat of arms
Anthem: Venezuela
CapitalBal • Cutaipa • Anebrán
Official languagesSpanish
Demonym(s)Cizlandic • Cizlandese
GovernmentDirectorial confederation with direct democracy
LegislatureLegislative Councils
Establishment1 April 2012
Time zoneVST (UTC-4:30)
Preceded by
Succeeded by
Berinese Empire

The Federal Union of Cizland (Spanish: Unión de la Cizlanda Federal), was a short-lived micronation of the Valtir Sector with fictitious and fantasy tendencies. It was founded on 1 April 2012 with the dissolution of the equally fictitious Republic of Czea, as a confederation of three "prefectures", Cizlanda-Valdazúl, Czea and Patirí, the latter of which claimed the territory of the defunct Republic of Chipitocoland.

It only existed for two weeks before being dissolved by its leader, Tarik Kârjasary, to form the Second Berinese Empire, on 15 April 2012. Cizland was the last of the Garrshirian micronations to contain elements of fantasy and fiction.


The Federal Union of Cizland was created in the middle of a period of rampant instability in the Valtir Sector, just a couple of months after the Kossian Civil War which brought an end to the Kossian Empire's rule over the Sector and sparked the creation of a series of ephemeral fantasy micronations, starting with Czea on 24 March 2012. These micronations all counted with inflated populations and fake personas, all crafted by Tarik Kârjasary, who had been Archduke of Montriac and leader of the Montrésque rebellion during the Civil War.

Cizland took its name from the Cizlandeese Empire, the first micronation in the Valtir Sector, which incidentially was also largely fantastical in nature, and led by Kârjasary. It established itself as a confederal republic with a large government formed by fake personas created by Kârjasary. The Federal Union was larger in territory than other recent predecessors as it had annexed Chipitocoland, a disorganized and mostly acephalic micronation thad had broken away from the Berinese Confederation in early 2011.

The Federal Union was short-lived and its fantastical nature was soon revealed to the MicroWiki Community, causing it to collapse just two weeks after its creation. It was succeded by the Berinese Empire, retrospectively known as the Second Berinese Empire to avoid confusion with the Berinese Confederation, which was also an Empire by virtue of its monarch, styled as Emperor. The Empire did not contain elements of fantasy and fiction, and this tradition of the Valtir Sector was abandoned with Cizland.

Government and politics

The Federal Union was organized into three "prefectures" (prefecturas) which acted as independent regions with their own regional parliaments (known as the Legislative Councils) and Governors. These were Cizlanda-Valdazúl (or Cizland Proper), Czea (comprised of the territory claimed by the defunct nation of Czea) and Patirí, which claimed the territory of the former Republic of Chipitocoland. The country did not have a single capital city, but three: Bal, Cutaipa and Anebrán, the three capital cities of its prefectures.

The Union had no centralized parliament, instead, the three Legislative Councils acted on their own and had say over their respective regions. The only form of centralized government was the Federal Council, comprised of ministers who rotated their portfolios. The Federal Council was the collective head of state and government, elected by the Legislative Councils, and was headed by the Federal President.