Ferr Garal

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His Most Serene Highness
Ferr Garal
Dux of the Sovereign State of Garal

Dux of the Sovereign State of Garal
Reign 3 February 2023 - present
appointed by public acclaim 3 February 2023
Predecessor Throne Established

Viscount of Llanos
Title 3 august 2023 - present
made by the President of the Cilsur
3 august 2023
Predecessor Created

I Lugarteniente de Los Llanos
Title 27 may 2023- 3 august 2023
made by the President of the Cilsur
27 may 2023
Predecessor Created
Sucessor abolished
Personal Information
Full name
Ferr Garal
Spouse none
House House of Garal
Born 31th october
Aragón, Spain
Citizenship Garal
Spouse(s) none
Children none
Residence Dux's Tower
Religion Agnostic

His Most Serene Highness Dux Ferr Garal is the first and, to date, only Dux of the Sovereign State of Garal. He is the founder of the micronation, having established it on 3 February 2023.

Personal life

Ferr was born in Aragón, Spain, where he was raised for their early life. He was completed elementary and secundary school. In 2012 he bought a flat where he actually lives.

He speaks Spanish and, politically, describes himself as a social democrat.

Sovereign State of Garal


On 3 February 2023, he called a meeting of the Great Council in wich Ferr's home was claimed independent from Spain and he was appointed to Dux by public acclaim.

Ferr rules as an absolute monarch. He has designed state official symbols, the garalian calendar and he also has created a web page and the MicroWiki articles of the Sovereign State of Garal

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