Order of the Tower and Star

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The Order of the Tower and Star
Badge of the Order of the Tower and Star
Awarded by the

Sovereign State of Garal
TypeOrder of merit
Established28 may 2023
9º Late Spring year II (GC)
EligibilityForeign and domestic people
Awarded forlong period of service and distinguished contributions to the nation.
StatusCurrently constituted
Great MasterFerr Garal
CommanderD. César Sacristán
GradesKnights and Ladies

The Order of the Tower and Star (Spanish: Orden de la Torre y la Estrella) is an order of merit and the highest condecorations in Sovereign State of Garal. It was founded as the Order of Merit by Decree of 28 may 2023 (9º Late Spring year II (GC)


The Order of the Tower and Star was created as an Order of Merit by Decree of 28 may 2023 (9º Late Spring year II (GC) by the Dux of Garal, H.M.S.H. Ferr Garal.

General Chapter

The Order is controlled by a council, called General Chapter (Spanish: Capítulo General) made up of the knights and ladies of the Order, which is chaired by the Great Master of the Order, the Dux of Garal. One of the members of the council is appointed to Commander of the Order by the Great Master.

Eligibility and appointment

It can be awarded to both garalians and foreigners. There may be, however, only 24 living individuals in the order at any given time and new members are personally selected by the Dux of Garal, currently Ferr Garal, with the assistance of the General Chapter.

Male members of the Order are titled "Knights" and female members are called "Ladies". They will wear the badge on the left side of the chest. The Great Master filles vacancies upon the nomination of the members. Each member can nominate three candidates for each vacancy. The Great Master choose as many nominees as were necessary to fill any vacancies in the Order and is not obliged to choose those who received the most nominations

Current members

  • Great Master: H.M.S.H. Ferr Garal
  • Commander: H.E. D. César Sacristán (President of Cilsur) (since 30 may 2023)
  • Substantive members: (vacant)