Foreign relations of Australis

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Intermicronational relations

In early 2021, Australis began tougher requirements for recognising nations.

Current foreign policy sets out to eventually establish bilateral recognition and diplomacy with all member states of the Grand Unified Micronational, while already unilaterally recognising all of its member states.

Micronational organisations

Grand Unified Micronational

Australis originally applied to become a member state of the Grand Unified Micronational in May 2020, and was subsequently executively rejected by Chairman Thomas Bainbridge of Hrafnarfjall. Australis again applied in early October 2020, gaining enough votes to be accepted into the GUM as a provisional member on 14 October. On 3 November, Australis was accepted as a full member of the GUM.

In January 2021, the primary delegate for Australis, Daniel Hamilton, was appointed by Quorum as the seventh holder of the position of Statistics Secretary.

Sister cities

In phase six of the GUM Sister Cities Program, commenced in February 2021, the Australissian capital city of New Yera was assigned four sister cities.

Flag City Nation
Iceni Social Imperium Venta Icenorum Iceni
Triumvirate of Sonderan Merindarra Sonderan
Plușeni Plushunia
Republic of Yu-Xia Luohang Yu-Xia

Cupertino Alliance

Conventional ratifications

Australis ratified the Wrythe, Edgbaston and Montediszamble conventions in 2020, on 16 May, 24 September and 23 November, respectively. In addition, Australis is an original signatory to the La Salle Convention, having participated in its creation.