Francis I, American Emperor

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Francis I
Francis in 2021
American Emperor
Head of the Imperial Crown Colonies
Reign8 December 2020 - 10 February 2021
Coronation8 December 2020
PredecessorRyan IV
SuccessorRyan I, Acting American Emperor
Second reign11 February 2021 – present
PredecessorRyan I, American Emperor
Grand Pope of the Church of America
Reign10 December 2020 - Present
PredecessorPapacy Created
Holder of the Presidential Power of the Union of American States
In Office30 December 2020
Born27 August 2005 (2005-08-27) (age 18)
Dixon, Illinois, United States of America
Francis Louis Falk
HouseHouse of Louis
FatherAdmiral Ryan Bratt
ReligionRoman Catholic
SignatureFrancis I's signature

Francis I KAE is the emperor of the American Second Empire, Chair of the Imperial Federation of American States, President of Puerto Rico, First Consul of Hawaii and other satellite states of the Second American Empire.

Early life

Francis, I was born on 27 August 2005. Little is known about his childhood because he keeps it very private.


Francis Louis Falk was crowned Francis I on 8 December 2020 after the fall of the Republic of Washington, His first act as emperor was to promote liberalism and more freedom. Freedom of the press was guaranteed and the people had a right to assemble peacefully. He wrote the constitution establishing the laws of the empire. Francis was very disappointed in how the United States was full of corruption and that they treated the people very badly. He also said that "America should have a monarchy because a republic is too weak." He supported the Black Lives Matter movement and was very upset when George Floyd got killed by an MPD officer. He also wrote the Succession act of 2021 which gave the new emperor regulations on how to succeed the predecessor. He also passed the 2021 Migrant act in which only 200 migrants would only be allowed every year due to COVID-19. He increasingly became authoritarian in late 2021.

Personal life

Francis I goes to high school and he does bike riding, reviewing troops, and focusing on government issues. He watches Youtube and doesn't have a social media account. He keeps his personal life private, so little is known about it.