Hillcrest, Alyeska

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Municipality of Hillcrest



Location of Hillcrest within Alyeska

Country: Federated States of Antarctica
State: Alyeska
Borough: Municipality of Hillcrest
Government type: Mayor-council, socialist commune
Area: To be calculated
Elevation: To be calculated
Potential population: ~100,000
Density: To be calculated
Time Zone: Papa (UTC-3)

Hillcrest is the proposed capital city of the state of Alyeska. It is to be located on James Ross Island and will be part of the greater Magellan-Hillcrest metropolitan area.

Originally, the island was to become the micronation known as the Imperial Realm of Stonewall, intended as a GLBT homeland. Though the Imperial Realm project was terminated, Hillcrest remains as its remnant and is intended to be a primarily GLBT community, as well as the governing center for the state of Alyeska.