His Majesty's Royal Telecommunications Force (Turto)

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His Majesty's Royal Telecommunications Force
Gove'Abrestin Lyebury
Patch of active service men
Flag of the Telecommunications Force
Agency overview
FormedJune 2, 2013
DissolvedJanuary 1, 2015
JurisdictionTurto, International Servers
Parent departmentHis Majesty's Royal Stationary Forces
Parent agencyHis Majesty's Royal Armed Forces

His Majesty's Royal Telecommunications Force also known as the RTIF, Royal Turtonian Internet Force, by it's Turtoin Movuen title Gove'Abrestin Lyebury (Government Army of the Internet), HMR Telecommunications Force and by it's division number TO5IFD was the chief defense division in charge of Cyber Counter-Intelligence and Cyberwarfare actions. They were are also responsible for Cryptography,Wiretapping and Online guerrilla actions The duties of TO5IFD were surpassed by the Falcarian Defence Force when turto was dissestablished in early 2015.


Founded in 2013 through the Defense Powers Act 2013, His Majesty's Royal Telecmmunications Force was defined as a "Force [that] consists of men who are not mobilised, rather an online Internet defense force as well as a communications force which use internet tactics to attack enemies of Turto". It was treated as important as the Army, Navy and Air Force in regards to attacking ability, especially due to micronational limitations which halt a normal ground attack.

Turto had not declared war with any state. And as such the Royal Telecommunications Force had never been mobalised.


There were 10 Computer Servers per Com Unit, and 10 Com Units per Section, and 10 Sections per Sub Division, and 10 Sub Divisons per Division, and 10 Divisions in a Generalkit

Rankings and Insignia

Unlike many common armies which do not have an equal level Telecommunications force, many new positions were required to be created.

Insignia Reports to Long Title Role Appointed by Date of creation
Honorable General
Monarch His Majesty's Selected Honorable General of the Intenet To advise and act to the orders of His Majesty Todd II Monarch or Monarchical Representative 29 Sep 2013
Honorable General His Majesty's Noble Telecommunications General To respond to orders made by the Honorable General and command separate Generalkits Monarch or Monarchical Representative which may include the Honorable General 29 Sep 2013
Sub General
General Low General of the Telecommunications Force To respond to orders made by a General corresponding to his Generalkit, all Sub Generals are commanders of one Generalkit. Generals, rarely a Monarch 29 Sep 2013
Divisional General
Sub General Divisional General of the Telecommunications Force To respond to orders made by a Sub General corresponding to a Division. All Divisional Generals are commanders of one Division Sub Generals 29 Sep 2013
Section Controller
Divisional General Telecomunications Force Section Controller To respond to orders made by the Divisional General, usually multiple Section Controllers per Division, they are responsible for the control and management of Sub Divisions and Sections Divisional Generals, Sub Generals 29 Sep 2013
Section Manager
Divisional General and Section Controller Section Manager of the Telecommunications Force To Report failures in the system and to repair them. Also develops and collects software. Section Controller 29 Sep 2013
Electronics Commander
Divisional General, Sub General and Section Controller Royal Frontline Electronics Commander of the Telecommunications Force To initiate and participate Cyber battles and sabotage on behalf of a request made by a Divisional General or Section Controller with permission granted by a Sub General Section Controller or Armed Forces Recruitment 29 Sep 2013
Server Host
Electronics Commander Royal Frontline Server Host of the Turtonian Telecommunications Force Used as servers hosting wartime programs and communications Electronics Commander, Armed Forces Recruitment 29 Sep 2013