History of Bradonia

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History of Bradonia

Pre-Establishment (1492 - August 9th, 2020)

The Flag of the State of Texas

Before the Kingdom of Bradonia existed, the land known as Texas would be colonized by the Kingdom of Spain after the discovery of North America and South America in 1492, although the Kingdom of France would try to stake a claim to the eastern parts of Texas, however to no avail. 1808 saw Napoleon invade the Kingdom of Spain and replaced the relatively incompetent Ferdinand VII of Spain with Joseph Bonaparte; this would have the side effect of spreading nationalism within the colonies, with one of them being Mexico, and after the Mexican War of Independence, the Mexican Empire later the Mexican Republic would finally gain independence.

Although Mexico was a de jure democracy, it was a de facto dictatorship with the underpopulated north being repressed by the centralized government headed by the President of Mexico Santa Anna. Around the 1830s would see the rise of the Empresarios and the rising American immigration into Coahuila y Tejas which would radically change the demographic from Hispanic-Texans to Anglo-Texans, although coming at the cause of political unrest for Mexico due to many Anglo-Texans wanting more autonomy for Texas or just straight up independence.

Mexico's refusal to give Texas more autonomy would result in the Texan Revolution, which saw the Anglo-Texans hold out against Mexican forces during the Battle of the Alamo and the Battle of San Jacinto. After the results of the Battle of San Jacinto, Mexico would reluctantly recognize the independence of the Republic of Texas with Sam Houston as its first president. Despite their newfound sovereignty, the Republic of Texas, only nine years later, would voluntarily join the United States of America as the 28th state.

American forces under the orders of James K. Polk would send troops to the highly contested border of the Rio Grande, hoping that war would arise from it. Fortunately, the war did happen and it would see a quick and decisive American victory and the occupation of Mexico City alongside the annexation of New Mexico, California and Colorado.

1861 would see the secession of the Confederate States of America and Texas alongside with it, although Texas wouldn't see much fighting compared to other states like Virginia and mostly fought naval battles rather than actual land battles such as the Battle of Galveston. After the Civil War, things would eventually go back to normal, and Texas would eventually grow to become one of the most influential and biggest states in the union, which leads us to the history of the Kingdom of Bradonia and her creator, Lord Brayvenric.