Hope Kingdom

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Hope Kingdom
Royaume de l'Espoir (FR)
Flag of Hope Kingdom.png
Coat of arms HP.png
Coat of arms
Coat of arms
Motto: Ensemble nous ne faisons qu'un ! (FR)
Anthem: Hymne de l'Espoir
GovernmentParliamentary constitutional monarchy
• King
Adrien I
• Prime Minister
Francis Dérazio
Establishment5 May 2020
• (2020) census
15 inhabitants
CurrencyEspoir (Hope)
Time zone(UTC+1)
This nation is a member of L'Ecologie des Sept

The Hope Kingdom (French: Le Royaume de l'Espoir) is a French micronation, located in the Landes Forest, in France. It was founded by the current King Adrien I on 5 May 2020. Although their names are similar, it has no connection with the Kingdom of Hope located in Russia.


Founded on May 5, 2020, the symbolic day of Napoleon I death, Hope Kingdom has its roots in the July Monarchy. It was only after a long reflection of several years, as well as after having carried out some tests beforehand, that the current monarch, Adrien I, decided to build the Kingdom.

Adrien Vannier d'Hugueneaux, being passionate about the History of France, more precisely the History of the French Monarchy and its monarchs, as well as the practice of historical reconstructions of the eras of Louis-Philippe I (1830-1848) and Napoleon III (1852-1870), quite naturally founded Hope Kingdom, with a view to being able to reproduce a past period, which is all too unusual: that of the July Monarchy.

The main objective of Hope Kingdom, is to highlight a past era, by taking up the customs, processes, as well as the different styles of clothing and furniture of the time. Bringing together the passionate, the curious, anyone who has an interest in it, is one of its secondary goals. Like the Amish communities (an example to be taken with a pinch), which continue to keep archaic precepts and customs alive, Hope Kingdom wants to be the reflection, the bringing to life of a past era.

The protection of the environment, of the French cultural heritage, and the preservation of collective hope, are its other objectives.


The reigning monarch

The royal function is enshrined in the Constitution of the Kingdom of Hope, dated 10 May 2020.

The King exercises executive power, and must delegate other powers to the competent bodies. He cannot have full powers, otherwise the state will turn to tyranny. However, full powers may be granted to the King, for a limited period of time, in the event of a major crisis for the security of the State.

He is the guarantor of respect for the Constitution and of political and religious harmony within the Kingdom. He is the representative of Hope Kingdom to foreign delegations.

The king, together with the royal family, is one of the main symbols of the Kingdom.

The Prime Minister

The function of the Prime Minister is central, it is he who conducts the policy of the State, while consulting the King. Its function is enshrined in the Constitution of Hope Kingdom, dated 10 May 2020.

The Prime Minister plays a central role in the proper functioning of the State, he is both the intermediary between the King and the Government, but also initiates certain laws and is responsible for supervising the various councils linked to Parliament. If the king is unable to rule for a specified period, he is responsible for acting for him for the duration of his incapacity.

He may exceptionally be asked to represent the Kingdom at any diplomatic meeting with a Head of State. However, this only happens very rarely, but the Prime Minister must be present at diplomatic meetings.

The Prime Minister is a real strong figure in the policy of the Kingdom, and his function is a fundamental point in this policy.

The Parliament

Parliament passes the law and deals with the future of the state. It monitors government action and evaluates public policies. It is divided into two separate bodies, the Chamber of Citizens, and the Cabinet of Security.

Parliament can legislate alone. He remains the supreme authority of the State, after the King. No constitutional principle can interfere with the laws that Parliament has the power to pass. Parliament may adopt any laws that it deems beneficial for the proper functioning of the State.

The parliamentary year begins on the first Wednesday of October and ends on the first Wednesday of July. On the first day of the parliamentary year, at noon, parliamentarians meet in a first sitting to proceed with the opening of the new parliamentary year.

On the first day of the parliamentary year, Parliament shall draw up and vote on its Rules of Procedure. It lays down the rules to be followed for parliamentary procedure and the maintenance of order in the Assembly.

At the first sitting of the parliamentary year, the Prime Minister reports on the general situation in the Kingdom and on the measures that the Government will consider throughout the year.

Ministers have the right of access to Parliament and have the right to request the floor during debates, while respecting the rules of procedure of the assembly. However, they cannot vote on bills

Foreign relations

For Hope Kingdom, diplomacy is more than just a guideline for negotiations and diplomatic recognition between nations. Diplomacy is much more than that, it's a realstrong value.Diplomacy is an integral part of the Kingdom'spolicy. It is essential in the diplomatic arena in order to guarantee equality, fairness and sincerity in the face of any nation wishing to establish a strong diplomatic relationship.

Hope Kingdom is constantly trying to reach out to other micro-nations in order to expand its circle of diplomatic relations. Not to boast of having the greatest number of diplomatic relations, because quality is better than quantity, but to be able to bring mediation and wisdom to the diplomatic arena.