House of Abbott

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House of Abbott
Eniarku royal coa.png
CountryEniarku, Shaw, Maide, Numa and other traditional states
TitlesKing of Eniarku
Grand Duke of Shaw
Prince of August
Prince of Abbott
Stadtholder of Maide
Duke of Eryia
Duke of Palma
and so forth
Current headHM King Aaron I
EthnicityRussian, Ukrainian, Italian, Anglo-Saxon

The House of Abbott is the ruling house of the Kingdom of Eniarku and the other realms. The dynasty was originally a branch of the House of Slava, though officially broke off from that house by royal decree in December 2016 in an attempt to distance the current kingdom from past failed monarchies. The current head of the House of Abbott is its founder, Aaron I of Eniarku, the current king of Eniarku, who is also the monarch of the Commonwealth realms.

All of those in the line of succession to the Throne of Eniarku are members of the House of Abbott or are related to it by blood or marriage.


Eniarku has only had one monarch in the course of its history, Aaron I, though he and his family have been the members of three different ruling houses to date. The House of Augustus-Alexei was explicitly designed upon the foundation of the Empire of Eniarku to serve as a merger of the emperor's maternal and paternal families, but would quickly go defunct with the creation of the Eniarkian Confederation just months later. Aaron would then go on to establish the House of Slava when he declared the current kingdom on 5 August 2015 in an attempt to solidify the two sides of his family under one house name, though his decision on the naming of the dynasty came under heavy criticism by members of the immediate maternal portion of the royal household (and senior members of the Council of State), who claimed that the nomenclature used was preferential to the king's paternal side.

This pressure – exacerbated by the fact that the king's father had already been stripped of all but his house title – ultimately led the king to issue a royal proclamation on 5 December 2016, which declared:

My Subjects of the Kingdom of Eniarku and of My Realms and Territories, to all The Lords of Parliament Assembled and all others whatsoever to whom these Presents shall come, Greeting! Know that I, by virtue of the Headship of the Most Royal House of Slava and the Chiefship of all the Royals and Nobles thereof, do hereby Decree and Declare that as from the date of this Proclamation, My House and Family shall be styled and known as the House and Family of Abbott....

— Abbott Proclamation, 5 Dec 2016

The name is in reference to the future residence of the king in Bogue, which will officially be renamed "Abbott Palace" in August 2017 when the king takes up semi-permanent residence there. Despite continuing pressure from the maternal branch of the house, the king has confirmed that his paternal family will retain nearly all of their titles created under the former House of Slava.

Use of surnames

The King of Eniarku officially uses no family name. Immediate family members of the sovereign — those within reasonable proximity of blood and, thus, included in the line of succession — are typically styled "[Forename], [Title] of [Place]" (for example, current heir presumptive Evan is titled "Evan, Prince of August"). Though not in use currently, members of the immediate royal family are also entitled to use courtesy titles of "Prince of Eniarku" and "Princess of Eniarku" in conjunction with their other titles, or to simply add "of Eniarku" after their forename. Lower members of the house (those not in the line of succession) are permitted to amend "of Abbott" after their forenames or in conjunction with any other titles. Most members of the house, regardless of standing, do employ "Abbott" somewhere in their full titles.


Members of the royal house, as well as all others approved by the reigning sovereign (outsiders can only be officially added by decree fo the king), are to bear the name "Abbott", except, generally, for women who marry into other families after 5 December 2016 adoption. As of 5 December 2016, the official membership of the house is as follows:

  • HG Roger, Earl of Melchin
    HH Irene, Duchess of Eryia
    HG Sir John
    • Todd of Abbott
      HRH Virginia of Palma, the Queen Mother
      • HM King Aaron
      • HRH Evan, Prince of August
      • HRH Prince Dylan, Duke of Vicis
    • TH The Duke & Duchess of Eryia
      • HRH Prince Kyle
  • HH Robert, Duke of Palma
    HH Delores, Duchess Dowager of Palma
    • HH Paul, Duke of Palma
      HH Karyn, Duchess of Palma
      • HH Prince Jack, Duke of Postulo
      • HH Princess Bethany
    • HH Princess Catherine of Palma
      • HH Prince Thomas, Duke of Norton

No non-house titles


Designation and details

Though Eniarku is officially a unitary state, the Eniarkian Commonwealth, as established by the Christmas Statutes (2015), is composed of several polities led by and under the name of the Kingdom of Eniarku. These realms, whether crown dependencies, territories or constituent states are all headed by the same monarch, King Aaron I, and therefore have the same lines of succession, royal house and royal family. The sovereign of Eniarku is thus, unofficially, the Chief of the Eniarkian Commonwealth by virtue of acting as head of state of all of the pseudo-independent polities.

These technicalities are displayed by the monarch of Eniarku's personal union with the Grand Duchy of Shaw, a constituent state of the Commonwealth. Though legally independent from the Kingdom of Eniarku, the sovereign of the kingdom is also the Grand Duke of Shaw, simply merging the crowns of the two states, while allowing them to maintain independent political identities.

Major titles

Though the former House of Augustus-Alexei held titles technically higher in precedence than the House of Slava and the current house (i.e. Emperor and Lord of All the Eniarkus), these titles are not recognized by the current house law.

  • King of Eniarku
  • Grand Duke of Shaw
  • Prince of August
  • Prince of Abbott
  • Stadtholder of Maide
  • Duke of Eryia
  • Duke of Palma
  • Duke of Norton
  • Duke of Postulo
  • Duke of Ibitea

Minor titles

  • Earl of Dolonburg
  • Earl of Lancadire
  • Earl of Gelf-Brine
  • Earl of Melchin
  • Lord of Numa

List of monarchs of the House of Abbott

Arms Name From Until Relationship with predecessor
Eniarku royal coa.png King Aaron I 5 August 2015 Reigning Himself. Founder, House of Abbott.

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House of Abbott
Founding year: 2015
Preceded by
Kingdom established
Ruling House of the Kingdom of Eniarku
Since 2015
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Grand duchy established
Ruling House of the Grand Duchy of Shaw
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Stadtholdership established
Stadtholder of the State of Maide
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