Independent Hidden State of Tranquillity

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Independent Hidden State of Tranquillity (IHST)
Motto: Pacis Pro totus [Latin: Peace For All]
Anthem: 'Underworld, Underground'
CapitalAlma [under planning]
Official languagesEnglish
GovernmentN / A
• Current leader
King J 1st
• Foundation
28th February 2009

The Independent Hidden State of Tranquillity (or simply IHST) is a large Micronation that is situated underground the surface of Earth. It was officially founded on 28 February 2009. The official website is

How and Where of IHST?

IHST will work by using water, funneled around, using the ground's temperature to keep the country itself at a constant temperature. This will be also used to generate electricity through a process known as Geothermal Energy. For lighting, I will be using this Geothermal Energy to light up lights that will line the roofs of the tunnel type roads. One thing I am still looking in to is how to grow plants and trees underground, as these will not only make it a more aesthetic place, but will help with keeping oxygen around, and removing CO2. As it stands, I will have to have air vents reaching up to the surface to keep it habitable for now.

Once I have acquired funds, and/or machinery; I will dig down, but not up, therefore leaving the surface relatively untouched.

At first, I will dig a shaft from some point that is not yet decided, going down the extent of 25 miles [around 132,000  ft], then I will build a series of tunnels linking off it, and then each other. Yet the actual layout is still under planning, as I need to decide where the shaft will go. The shaft will be a service shaft, therefore, once a sufficient amount of tunnels, and building off them, have been built, I will build the first commercial entrance way, a bigger better shaft with many lifts.

Due to the fact that the lowest point anyone has been is Marianas Trench, which is just short of 7 miles [around 36,000 to 37,000 ft], i have laid claim to all of the planet's underground starting 20 miles [around 105,000 ft] below sea level.

Infrastuctural Companies

UBC ( Underground Broadcasting Corparation )

Underground Broadcasting Corporation, or simply UBC is the government ran broadcasting company, the operates the news, the radio and the TV.

Creanicit Creations

Creanicit Creations, also known as CC or Creani', is the main company that runs the whole infrastructure of IHST. Within Creani' are numerous departments.

Dept. of Defence

Dept. of Finance

Dept. of Foreign Affairs

Dept. of Transport

More will be added at a later date!