Intermicronational Military and Warfare Council

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Intermicronational Military and Warfare Council (IMWC)
Intermicronational organization

Membership 8
– Foundation 22 May 2016
– Constitution ratified 22 May 2016

The Intermicronational Military and Warfare Council, commonly abbrieviated as the IMWC or the IWMC, is a micronational organization that regulates military activities and warfare between micronations, and mainly follows the Clark-McFarlane Accords of 2016. The IWMC was the response to various ideas and reports conducted on micronational warfare, swaying Anthony Clark to found a neutral regulation council similar to that of the Hague.


In January 2016, Hugh McFarlane created a report to determine what micronationalists thought a war should be. An editable-by-all document was created on Google Docs, where many different contributors added their opinions to a list of requirements for any micronational war.

In May 2016, Anthony Clark published the Report into Micronational Warfare and Military Activities. It was a c. 10-page report on micronational war, its history, its tendencies and similarities, and how it happens. The Report accepted ratifiers at that time, but was not an actual organization of any kind itself. Then, as soon as the report was published, Clark began to plan the IWMC, and he, McFarlane, Ned Gunderson and several others brainstormed a very long list of intermicronational laws for how war was to be conducted. They eventually finished the final draft of the report, and then posted it on the Forum.



When adding your nation's name to the list, please put it in Alphabetical Order. If it is for example, Empire of Paravia, it will go under P for Paravia and not under E.

Former Member States