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Izoroku Military Headquarter or Izoroku Military Governorate was the military and civilian parallel administration and former de facto union with United States of Molco. This area established by Sunny Neve, the first military leader of Izoroku Armed Force, and became civilian parallel administration by Zerorius Hiruko as Vice Supreme Commander-in-chief of Armed Force and Head of Izoroku Military Technology and General Armanant of Armed Force. This country now no longer continues after the last reformation of Sunny Neve, 4th and last supreme commander-in-chief of Izoroku Armed Force.

Sunny Neve's Administration

With the first establishment of Izoroku as military headquarters. Sunny Neve as commander of Izoroku and General, Admiral of Izoroku Armed Forces.

Zerorius's Administration

When Zerorius became the first vice supreme commander-in-chief, later the second supreme commander-in-chief he separated the civilian affairs and military affairs and established the central body of Izoroku called "Executive Office of Military and Civilian Affairs" later he was only Chairman. Also granted the rank to himself as Senior General Marshal of Izoroku (his dignity was Generalissimo) and Generalissimo to Sunny Neve as former first supreme commander-in-chief.

While he was the chairman, his power in the country is extremely high and he started to reform the armed force. After he failed to unite Molco (2nd State) and Izoroku Governorate, this country became a de facto personal union of Molco until the dissolution of Molco and transferred his remaining power as head of state into the title of chairman until he resigned of Supreme Commander-in-chief and Airi becomes his successor. He still was the de facto head of IZK's armed force as chairman.

Airi's Administration

When Airi became the third supreme commander-in-chief, she lacked her skill of administration, and the chairman was exercising power behalf of her, until he forced her to resign from the office of supreme commander-in-chief. Sunny Neve becomes the acting supreme commander-in-chief and later fourth and last supreme commander-in-chief when Zerorius resigned himself from Chairman of Executive Office of Military and Civilian Affairs. The chairmanship is dissolved and de facto transfers to the Quorum of Party.

Executive Office of Military and Civilian Affairs

Executive Office of Military and Civilian Affairs (EXOMCA) was newly created supreme body of Izoroku HQ after Zerorius became Supreme C-i-C of Izoroku HQ. This body contributed the commander-in-chief of each braches, director-general of bureaus and chancellor of executive board of Izoroku Military College. Headed by Chairman, de jure head of government and de facto head of armed forces, which shared the diarchy with Supreme Commander of Armed Forces.

Name Office Branch Order of Command Status
Senior General Marshal (later Generalissimo) Zerorius Hiruko 2nd Supreme Commander-in-Chief, Head of Scientific Armament's Research and Development (Izoroku Military Technology and General Armanant of Armed Force, in another name), 1st Vice Supreme Commander-in-Chief Scientific Armament's Research and Development (under Army) 1 Chairman
Field Marshal Ivan Sernov Commander-in-chief of Izoroku Army Izoroku Army 2 Member
Senior General Marshal Zerorius Hiruko Vice Commander-in-chief of Izoroku Navy, Acting Commander-in-chief of Izoroku Navy Izoroku Navy Ad hoc member (Due office's vacancy)
Marshal of Air Force Airi Commander-in-chief of Izoroku Air Force, 3rd Supreme Commander-in-Chief Izoroku Air Force Former member (Succeeded by Zerorius Hiruko as acting)
Senior General Marshal Zerorius Hiruko Acting Commander-in-chief of Izoroku Air Force Ad hoc member (Due office's vacancy)
Supreme Leader of Magician Army Yukiji Commander-in-chief of Izoroku Magical Armed Forces Izoroku Magical Armed Forces Member
Colonel Chris Inspector-General of Security Command Center Security Command Center 3 Ex-officio member
Supreme Leader of Magician Army Yukiji Director-General of Central Support Bureau Central Support Bureau (under IMAF)
Inspector-General of Magical Air Support Command Center Magical Air Support Command Center (under IMAF)
Sergeant Vasily Director-General of Motorized Transportation and Maintenance Bureau Motorized Transportation and Maintenance (under Army) Member
Generalissimo Sunny Neve Chancellor of Executive Board of Izoroku Military College, 1st and 4th Supreme Commander-in-Chief Izoroku Military College Special Special member, de facto vice-chairman