Kazzardist singulary state

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Singulary State Kazzardism (or officially Kazzardist Singulary State) is a political philosophy which was thought up by the Indorser of the Kazzardist Republic of Anpix, and is what the republic is operate upon.


Singulary State Kazzardism is a mixture of the advantageous[citation needed] views of six original political philosophies, which include Limited Democracy, Benevolent Dictatorship, Anarchy, Socialism, Eco-feudalism and Communism. And uses a Echelon Parliament system as a legislature.

Limited Democracy

A Kazzardist Singulary State uses the systematic views of this formula of democracy. This type of democracy practically means that more important people get a larger and more considered vote than others.

Benevolent Dictorship

A country which is run upon Singulary State Kazzardism would be runing on a more serene form of benevolent dictatorship, this is mostly to maintain order of power. This mainly means that the executive is a 'for-live' job (unless something happens, e.g. quiting). Non the less the executive of the state shouldn't be encouraged to be head of state.

Anarchic Views

In the Kazzardism spectrum of this type of government it also has anarchic views on how to organise the government. The ideologies that are used are:

  • Individualism - free expression
  • Organised Work - legal spontaneous work
  • Eco-villages - self-sustained communes
  • Semi-Free Markets - community sharing
  • Egalitarianism - everyone is equal

Socialist Views

The main reason of socialism in a kazzardist singulary state is to balance politics from the social environments. The ideologies which are constructed into this kazzardist form are below:

  • Planned Economy - governmnet owns large bussiness and allows citizens to have some economic freedom
  • Common Ownership - allowing privately owned assets and enterprises to open
  • Basic Income - a mutual form of income


These governmental views of eco-feudalism are also included:

  • Self Sustainability
  • Bartering
  • Nonviolence


There are only two ideologies that are included in the Singulary State Kazzardism, and they are; governmental ownership 'of land and productive farms.'