Kingdom of Peeland

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Kingdom of Peeland
Flag of Kingdom of Peeland
Motto: Piss for the Piss God
Establishment12 February 2021
• (As of 15 February 2021) census
CurrencyPiss Bucks (PB)
This nation is based.

The Kingdom of Peeland, more commonly known as Peeland, is a Micronation. Founded on 12 February 2021, Peeland has 17 Royal Subjects and is growing fast. The Kingdom is pseudo-parliamentary, lead by His Majesty Cyanide.


The Kingdom of Peeland's culture is heavily based on pee. Common greetings are "Did you pee yourself today?" and "It's a good day to pee innit?" Watersports are also a very important part of the Kingdom's culture.


The name "The Kingdom of Peeland" originates from the currency, pee.


Peeland was founded on 12 February 2021, starting from a joke about using pee as a currency on the Ausverian Discord server.

Pseudo-Parliamentary Era
On 13 February 2021, His Majesty Cyanide introduced a Parliament to the Kingdom, allowing more citizens to become involved in the Kingdom's governance.


Peeland's government is pseudo-parliamentary. The Parliament, established 13 February 2021 is composed of all Royal Subjects, who have the ability to introduce and pass legislation. If His Majesty Cyanide, acting as the executive branch, decides to veto the legislation, 2/3 of the Parliament is needed to overrule.


Peeland's currency is the Pee Buck (PB). One PB is currently worth 1 L of medium tone pee, and cannot be exchanged for macronational currency at the moment. There is currently 0PB in circulation.


The Kingdom of Peeland is open to any and all Diplomacy, contact Cyanide#8298 on Discord for more information.

The Kingdom of Peeland currently recognizes the following micronations:

Duchy of Pontunia
Ponderosa Hills


This Kingdom of Peeland's official religion is Bobism

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