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The Imperial Republic of Shireroth

Early History of Shireroth
Recent History of Shireroth (Post Tymaria)
Census of Shireroth

The Kaiser - The Steward
Landsraad - The Praetor - The Imperial Judex
The Feudal Structure
Duchies - Baronies - Counties

The Charter - The DecreeBook - The LawBook

Ministry of the Exterior - Ministry of the Interior
Ministry of Immigration and Naturalization
Ministry of Information - Ministry of Military Affairs
Ministry of Trade

Sir John Metzler III University
Cedrist Church - Soloralist Faith

Duchy of Brookshire - Duchy of Elwynn
Duchy of Kildare - Duchy of Yardistan
Duchy of Straylight
Bailiwick of Lac Glacei

The Landsraad

The Landsraad is the legislative body of Shireroth. It is primarily made up of the Dukes of the land, but over time has come to include the Barons of Shireroth. At one point Counts were also allowed into the Landsraad but this is no longer practiced.

Recently, Ministers of Shireroth have been allowed to speak in the Landsraad on issues related to their ministry, but are not allowed to vote, unless they are also a noble. This came into effect from the Implied Summons Bill created by Fax Celestis, after a fiasco where he spoke in the Landsraad when he should not have.

The Landsraad is overseen by a Praetor who acts to organize, tally and close votes.

Current Composition

The Landsraad currently consists of the following subdivisions, listed here with their concurrent votes. For more information about the comprisal of subdivisions, see New Feudalism.

Duchy of Elwynn, Duke Ric Lyon, Stewarded by Ardashir Khan: 8 votes

Duchy of Kildare, Duchess Hypatia Agnesi: 12 votes (all retained)

Barony of Antya, Baron Bill Dusch: votes unknown as of time of writing

Duchy of Naudia'Diva, Duke Fax Celestis, Stewarded by Shyriath Bukolos: 15 votes (8 retained)

Barony of Southern Brookshire, Baron Shyriath Bukolos, Stewarded by Darth Miho: 4 votes
Barony of the Holy Lands of Shireroth, Baron Angel Guardian: 3 votes
Preceded by:
Letifer I
Succession of the Shirithian Kaisership
Succeeded by:
Nikkolo I
Preceded by:
[[Wyl<thorn>eow I]]
Succession of the Shirithian Kaisership
Succeeded by:
Lacrymosa II


The Prætor is the moderator of the Landsraad. It is the only elected position in the Imperial Government. Prior to the Prætor, the members of the Landsraad moderated themselves, but as the Landsraad grew in size and importance, it became apparent that some form of mediation was necessary.

Erik Mortis created the name "Prætor". The letter ash (æ) ought to be used if possible as the proper spelling is not "Praetor" (though it is generally accepted). Ash may be typed on a Windows keyboard with the ASCII code Alt+0230.

Current Prætor