Live With You

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"Live With You"
Song by Momentum
LabelNew Rouen Records
Songwriter(s)Charles Madgett
Composer(s)Andrew Perdomo

"Live With You" is a song by musical duo Momentum. It was unofficially released as a demo on 20 November 2022. An official release with finalized production is scheduled for November 2022. "Live With You" is a high-tempo song using guitar chords.

"Live With You" was recorded in Andrew Perdomo's home studio and Charles Madgett's house. Lyrically, it is written from someone attempting to move in with their significant other.


Production began late on 20 November 2022, when Madgett wrote the lyrics in "like five minutes," after coming up with them on the spot. The vocals were the first part of the track to be recorded by Madgett, with Perdomo producing an accompanying instrumental around one and a half hours later. The chords - which are only thirteen seconds long - were decidedly looped in the one-minute track.

In regards to the lyrics, Madgett stated "This literally just popped into my head and I have no clue where it came from, it does not relate to my life in any way."


Live With You garnered almost immediate acclaim from Elarian and Americans. Many outside of the micronational community also listened to the track via YouTube. ENS would write in regard to the track, "MOMENTUM’s existence [is] proof that a renaissance is happening in Ela’r’oech, and proof that micronationalists can make something that doesn’t sound grating. In fact, the track was not harsh at all. The mixing was produced well, with composition also serving as a big positive." In the same article, the track was called "...both a milestone for the Elarian and micronational communities..."[1]

Live With You is the most-streamed track from an Elarian musician [group] and is the most-streamed track in Ela'r'oech and Zeprana. Additionally, it has been slowly reaching the top charts in the nations of the Republic of Bushistan, and Pontunia.