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Empire of Ela'r'oech

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Empire of Ela'r'oech
Adgeggimïakirïas (Elarian, formal)
Empire of Ela'r'oech (English, formal)
Akirïas (Elarian, informal)
Elaroech (English, informal)
Coat of Arms of Ela'r'oech
Coat of Arms
Motto: "Ra'esh ela'r'oech"
Anthem: March of Freedom
and largest city
Official languagesEnglish, Elarian
Recognized languagesEnglish, Elarian, Simplified Elarian, Vaev, French
Ethnic groups
Elarian 76%
Other 24%
GovernmentUnitary Parliamentary Constitutional monarchy (de jure)

• Emperor
Charles I
Shawn West
Terry Jacobs
• Foundation of the First Artillery
11 August 2018
• Independence from the U.S.
19 May 2019
• First ratified Constitution
25 August 2020
• Current amended Constitution
17 November 2021
• Empire prolaimed
3 March 2022
• Total
0.01880156 sq mi (0.0486958 km2)
• Estimate
(March 2022)
CurrencyDimae (DME)
Time zoneUTC−05:00 (Central Daylight Time (CDT))
Date formatdd-mm-yyyy
Driving sideright
Calling code+1
Internet TLDSee Internet

The Empire of Ela'r'oech, officially the Holy Empire of Ela'r'oech, is an autonomous territorial entity claiming to be a sovereign state, often classified as a micronation by external observers. Founded in 2018 by Charles Madgett, the Empire consists of territory in the state of Louisiana. It is an enclave and exclave micronation.[1] In March 2022, it was decided that Ela'r'oech would no longer be a Kingdom, rather it would be an Empire spanning multiple micronations. Eventually, most micronations in the Bayou Sector would join the Empire. In August 2022, the nation would begin its Reconstruction Era, as Elarian micronationalists would become less imperialistic and attempt to become more professional. In November 2022, the Empire would reform again, however this time into a Holy Empire. This was mostly as a way to reform the nation while implementing the cultural religion of Ranaism.

Following a 2020 legislation and vote, the nation traces it's national origins to the founding of the nations of Kakato and the First Artillery which both were established in 2020 and 2021, respectively. Both Kakato and the First Artillery are considered direct precursors to the Empire. Before those micronationsnations, the Empire's territories were held by the United States of America and Napoleonic France.

Following the Alarian Wars, the Empire (at the time a Kingdom) grew in size considerably after annexing Neo-Alaria and taking numerous pieces of land from Alaria, with claims from the Alarian War depicted in cyan blue and those from the Third Alarian War in purple in early maps. Ela'r'oech is the most influential and powerful nation in the League of Elarian Nations, of which it was a founding member. These conflicts overall resulted in the Empire gaining most of the territorial claims in the Bayou Sector. This has led some to declare the nation a micronational superpower, though this is strongly debated. On 28 March 2021, Ela'r'oech overhauled it's political system almost entirely along with their main way of progression. In July 2022, Ela'r'oech would become part of the short lived United Kingdom of the Great Bayou, before leaving in August 2022.


Ela'r'oech's name means "Other World" in Dangaro, which is in relation to how micronationalism may be unfamiliar or otherworldly in the eyes of an outsider, similarly, Kakato was named after Goku's - from Dragon Ball - Saiyan name, being Kakarot. It holds the basic same meaning of the reason that Goku Day had been declared a national holiday in Ela'r'oech. Ela'r'oech was also somewhat named after the character "Piccolo" from Dragon Ball. Piccolo is an alien called a Namekian, with a language of the same name. "Piccolo" in Namekian means "Other World," just like how "Ela'r'oech" means "Other World" in Dangaro. With Ela'r'oech as a Kingdom and renaming it's constituency to Ela'r'o as "Of Other," it shows that the constituency was of other origin, the other origin being the same as the "Other World."



Ela'r'oech was founded on 11 August 2018 by a separate name. It was called the First Artillery and was an idea based on nations during the crusades. It was a religious nation that followed the Episcopalian denomination of Christianity. During this time, Charles Madgett and Anthony Ramirez ruled over it together. The land claims included Ramirez's bedroom and Madgett's house, both of which were based in Texas.[2]

The First Artillery was inactive or defunct de facto for about a year until Kakato was founded by Charles. It was a more democratic but authoritarian mock-nation. Charles was the supreme leader, taking after North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un. They held land claims that included Treemont, Bremerton and Round Rock.[3]

Elarian Era Groups

Era Length of Era Notes
Alarian War Era 15 September - 1 October 2020 16 days Post Ela'r'oech's Foundation, This is the Alarian War.
Foreign Era October - December 2020 3 months The era of Runnymede's discovery by Charles. The founding of LENS is in this era.
Seperation Era December 2020 - April 2021 4 months This is the era of Charles' first leave in Ela'r'oech. Something that would be on-and-off for some time in the future.
Progressive Era April - August 2021 4 months This is the era where Ela'r'oech becomes more heavily involved in the government and shows plans for self-sufficiency for the first time in this era.
Expansive Era August - October 2021 2 months This era is where Ela'r'oech becomes more involved in other micronations, notably in the Kapresh Civil War and begins to help Worrell and take in more constituencies.
Carolusian Era October - November 2021 2 months This is the era where the Ela'r'oech Monarchy Power Dispute takes place.
Culture Shock Era November 2021 - February 2022 4 months This is the era where Ela'r'oech's culture explodes, with multiple new territories being founded as well as the founding of the Louisiana State Football League, which would help out the economy, though to a limited extent.
Rebirthing Era February - March 2022 2 months This is the era where Charles returns to Ela'r'oech and focuses on making Ela'r'oech better. Government approval, involvement, and activity would serve to come at an all-time high in this era.
Imperial Establishment Era March - April 2022 2 months This is the era where due to Ela'r'oech's quick and fast-paced growth, it would hastily move to become an Empire. In this era, new Prime Ministers would help the Emperor establish a foundation for Ela'r'oech onwards into the future as an Empire.
Era of Conclusion April - June 2022 2 months This is the era where, after becoming an Empire, the nation would begin to grow somewhat inactive after achieving it's biggest goals. However, a new goal would be discussed; Becoming the only micronation in Louisiana.
Era of Crusades June - July 2022 2 months This is the era where the nation would embark on the Great Imperial Crusades of Ela'r'oech, where they would attempt to ensure their ability to form a massive, single micronation in Louisiana.
Reconstruction Era August - October 2022 4 months This is the era where Ela'r'oech would grow increasingly less imperialistic and eventually almost entirely isolationist. However, in this era, self-sufficiency would reach an all-time high, especially with the founding of LENS-ETU.
Recession Era November 2022 - December 2022 2 months This is the era where Ela'r'oech would go through an economic recession, eventually snowballing into a recession involving the entire Bayou Sector. However, also during this era, the nation would start reforming into the Holy Empire of Ela'r'oech.
Unnamed 14th Era January 2023 - Ongoing After the recession, new advances are made for Ela'r'oech.

Early Ela'r'oech (September 2020–April 2021)

The era of the first Alarian War lasted from 15 September 2020 to 1 October 2020. The Alarian War was a war where the older micronation, Alaria, attempted to take over Ela'r'oech. They sieged Elarian Building 1 and Ela'r'oech retaliated. Eventually the Elarians took an Alarian soldier captive with the excuse of a sleepover until a cease fire was ordered by the Alarian general. 90% of Alaria's land was taken.[4][5] In August 2020, anonymous people deployed some chlorine dioxide in the form of gas among Da'a'ck, also known as Charles' house. It is still unknown who these people were as Charles had left to attend to errands and shopping. He dealt with the "Elarian Civil War" when he arrived at his home an estimated four hours after the gases were deployed, all animals were outside of Da'a'ck beforehand, but when he arrived, his pets ran in. Charles ran in and was able to eventually get them out of the house before any noticeable damage had been done.[6]

Second "Foreign" Era from October 2020 to Dec 2020. The Foriegn Era was the time where Charles discovered Runnymede and throughout his political journey there, he became Prime Minister. This era was great for Ela'r'oech because foreign relations were at an all time high and the League of Elarian Nations was formed on the final day of this era. This era focuses a lot on Charles' time as Prime Minister of Runnymede and foreign relations.[7] Ela'r'oech's response to a possible Alarian threat proposed in November was quite fast and simple. However, Alaria had an ally - Poloris - which together the nations dragged out the conflict to multiple weeks after the first war. They began to battle with Alaria for control and dominance and over the course of a month, they had won the war, the only difference from the Alarian War being that each former solo belligerent now had allies.[8][9]

Third "Separation" Era from December 2020 to April 2021. In February 2021, Charles left Ela'r'oech and instead joined the Empire of Aeternia as a citizen paying tax through content creation. Although he is not formally a citizen yet, Ela'r'oech has given him the honorary title of Eternal Ruler, the title however gave him no powers nor was he recognized as a citizen as per Aeternia's citizenship requirements. Ryan then became king for the month as Anthony Ramirez II became Prime Minister. This put the nation in a state of inactivity continuing it's decline. In March 2021, Charles came back and announced he would keep the role of King until he officially became an Aeternian citizen, as numerous setbacks had indefinitely suspended his citizenship from being approved. Anthony has continued to be the Prime Minister, however. By this time, the LENS was headed by Christoph Billung, leaving Charles to the position of Vice-Chairman. Alaria was taken over by extremists in February 2021, Neo-Alaria was annexed and Alaria ended up having most of it's land taken, with now only a house as their land. Communists and fascists - admittedly, small groups, however dangerous - attempted to infiltrate Ela'r'oech's government but failed. The tu'e'namo lands - "land of the army" in Dangaro - had been demilitarized and Alaria has reverted to democracy again.[10]

Classical Ela'r'oech (April–November 2021)

"The Final Soldier" by Anthony Ramirez represents the final Elarian soldier fighting for his homeland in the midst of war. It is believed that this painting was made as a reaction to the Elarian-Alarian Conflict.

Fourth "Progressive" Era from April 2021 to August 2021. In late April 2021, Ela'r'oech began to become more fleshed out - government wise - Parliament and Prime Minister elections were held as parties began to be established. They also began to help other nations in other conflicts, such as the Vancouver Island Territorial Dispute.[11] In May, they began to announce plans for self-sufficiency, for example on May 10 it was announced that Ela'r'oech would hold chickens for eggs and meat related food items as well as starting a garden for food self-sufficiency.[12] On 19 May 2021, the King revealed plans for a Financial Independence Act, which would donate 1,000ᴱᔆ to every citizen, an estimated $20,000 USD or $500 for each citizen, which would actually put the national debt at an estimated 400ᴱᔆ. In June, they got more involved in their own Elarian-Alarian Conflict again as they entered a cold war with Alaria. They also began to engage in diplomatic relations with nations such as the Duchy of Pontunia and the Dominion of West Canada. They would later become involved in the Kapresh Civil War which ended in September 2021. In July, they became quite inactive for a period of time, allowing Charles to focus on other things, however he also worked on Ela'r'oech's physical location. He graded some buildings as well with the purpose of encouraging Elarians to start working on their own builds.

Christoph Billung, a very influential citizen of the Empire. He served the Office of Prime Minister for the longest time, an estimated 10-months total throughout each of his terms.

The main building in New Da'a'ck was given a rating of 4. A table which was made of wood and screw by an Elarian Citizen, was given a rating of 5. It was described as a "piece of history, as the first Elarian-made build to be graded by the government." In August, they stayed inactive until Anthony Ramirez proposed a new bill which would allow for a "Don't Ask, Don't Tell" policy on LGBTQ+ citizens of Ela'r'oech to serve in the military, including offensive operations. The proposal was rejected as it received only two opposition votes. Later on, the Prime Minister elections would occur, with many candidates running. Christoph Billung won, however after some backlash, Charles decided to let the people object to the elections turnout, to which they did successfully. Another election soon followed, however after voter fraud was discouraged, Christoph won again. Eventually, he revealed that he would be leaving Ela'r'oech's Prime Minister position. However it was made unclear if he would be stepping down from Elarian politics completely. He had also revealed that he had been working on two bills.

Fifth "Expansive" Era lasting from August 2021 to October 2021. 16 August marked the first day of the Fifth Era, following the Prime Minister elections. It has been revealed that there will be yet another attempt at Prime Minister elections after Parliamentary elections. With some parliament members rendered unable to use Discord, this has opened the gates for many possible newcomers. On the day the Seventh Era began, it was revealed that Alaria had sent two missile models towards Mageto. After this was revealed, Charles replied to Anthony saying "I'm not even going to humor that. I'm not going to defend Worrell anymore." He then began working on a new bill, however the contents of said bill were unknown until later on being revealed to be an economic reform bill that he would somewhat modify for use in many micronations that he believed would be able to help said micronations. Some micronations that have had the bill proposed include Ela'r'oech, Bushistan and Worrell among others. On 12 September, the Era was named the Expansive Era as it was focused on expanding the United Elarian Front as a whole, with new constituents like Zeprana, and the attempts of having Worrell join the Kingdom. On 16 September, the Worrellian Civil War began after the destruction of a Worrellian Discord server and the Elarian attempts at unifying into the Kingdom of the United Elarian Front. On 19 September, they left the Kapresh Civil War, opting to dissolve the Second Empire of Kapreburg. Later on, Ela'r'oech reformed it's server and itself, becoming the Kingdom of Ela'r'oech rather than the United Elarian Front. It made a Worrellian constituency, later renamed to Keystone. Towards what was almost the end of the expansive era, Bryce had abolished power of the monarchy and set up his own cabinet. The cabinet then proceeded to name Christina of Cycoldia the Queen of Ela'r'oech. When this was announced, it was argued against by most citizens not a part of the government.

The Declaration of Christina as Queen on 27 October 2021 marked the beginning of the Sixth "Carolus" Era. Andrew, Christoph, Anthony, Charles, and others all began to argue against the current government. There was an attempted resolve to the issue, however Charles had stated that it was his right to be King and claimed Christina was unfit and unworthy of the throne. The power dispute was almost resolved on 4 November 2021, when Charles banned the cabinet members as well as Bryce and Christina from the Ela'r'oech Discord server. The server was then nuked the same day, though no members were banned. Charles had proclaimed that this was a sign of mercy from God, proclaiming Ela'r'oech to be a legitimate state in the eyes of the Lord. He then proceeded to start a session with some provisional parliament members and included Cam of Lateritia, to engage in new foreign relations with more Carolusian micronations, effectively boosting their sphere of influence. Charles has declared the Prime Minister seat vacant and has made an anti-war statement regarding the Ela'r'oech Monarchy Power Dispute and Cycoldia. He and Cam have begun foreign relations as Ela'r'oech will now be becoming more "local" in his words. That same day, Charles met with the Dragon King of Naga and effectively handled out foreign relations and was also deemed Prime Minister of Naga. He also met with Cam of Lateritia, however that meeting was not documented. On 6 November 2021, Charles declared a new constitution, supposed to prevent any such dispute from happening again.

Modern Ela'r'oech (November 2021–March 2022)

The Discord Server of Ela'r'oech after the boosts.

The Third Era Group or Third E.G. began on 11 November 2021 with the founding of Norton and Kamehameha, sparking the Seventh "Culture Shock" Era. Afterwards, Ela'r'oech would proceed to get many new territories over the course of 8 days. This would be referred to as the "66" or "6/6," as 6 major new territories were declared and most declarations and annexations were over the course of the initial 6 days. On 13 November 2021, the Ela'r'oech Football League was founded and started it's first season to fan enjoyment. Aftershocks from the ending of the Fifth "Expansive" Era are still present, as the nation is still dealing with the Ela'r'oech Monarchy Power Dispute, however Charles has stated it will end by 20 November to 1 December, which should be towards the start of the era. On 16 November 2021, Ela'r'oech purchased Level 3 Discord Server boosts, giving it the vanity URL of "" and also revamped the server a small amount. The Ela'r'oech Monarchy Power Dispute was resolved when Christina and Charles came to the conclusion that a diarchy with Charles as the majority power would be a good solution. The next November 2021 Ministerial elections took place as it was asked of Christina after the end of the dispute. Christoph Billung won the second election of the month, making him the Prime Minister-elect. Christina abdicated on Christmas Day 2021. The server would experience inactivity afterwards until the next era.

The Rebirthing Era started on 21 February 2022. At 1:37 AM CDT on 24 February 2022, Nogrod was announced to have officially became Ela'r'oech's third ever realm. Zeprana would later become a realm again. Ela'r'oech would also join ComSov to help further improve foreign relations. However, they would also officially restart their progress on their creation of the Elarian Armed Forces and would also create MSW, a military readiness alert system which would be used multiple times after it's creation. On 28 February 2022, it would be revealed that Poloris had sanctioned Alaria for becoming an Elarian realm - this would begin major tension in Ela'r'oech and Alaria as it seemed war could be possible after Poloris had 1 militia soldier go up to the Alarian-Elarian border in the early hours of the day, just after midnight. Alaria and Poloris would go to war over this, causing Ela'r'oech's MSW level to go to one, with the general being greenlit to allow troops to move into Alaria, which would then scare the Polarusen troops away. Later on, the government of Ela'r'oech would become greatly involved in the Rebirthing era, with Ela'r'oech News Source providing interviews with officials, former officials, and even outsiders to provide multiple perspectives of Ela'r'oech and present them to those not yet aware of it's existence. In addition to this, the government would reform the political culture yet again, doing away with the former representatives system to update it to contemporary Ela'r'oech.

Neoteric Ela'r'oech (March 2022 - July 2022)

A map of Ela'r'oech; Part of the "Election Map" created for news coverage and better understanding of the territories of Ela'r'oech; Former Mainlands - Contains constituencies Ela'r'o, Neo-Alaria, and non-constituency territory of Militia Lands.

Neoteric Ela'r'oech would start on 3 March 2022, the day the nation and it's realms would become an Empire. This Empire would consist of the Kingdom of Zeprana, the Duchy of Nogrod, the Kingdom of Alaria, and the Kingdom of the Greater Elarian State. That same day, the Emperor would reform the Elarian Armed Forces, the militaries of each realm, and make them all closer. On 11 March 2022, the Elarian Armed Forces received new branches. On 3 March 2022, two documents officially forming the Elarian Empire on paper and also annexing the area of which the Armed Forces train were be signed by the Emperor, in company would be members of the Armed Forces and the new Propaganda Officer. Eventually The Mormon Law would pass on 19 March 2022, due to a binding referendum being approved almost unanimously. In addition, a "Quadripartite Pact" had become spoken of and proposed by the Emperor, which Pontunia would first signed. The original proposed signatories were Ela'r'oech, Pontunia, Bushistan, and Begon. However, as it became clear Bushistan would not vote in favor of the ratification of the pact, Wynnland would soon replace their position in the Pact. On 20 March 2022, Anthony Ramirez would hold a referendum, asking the nation if they should be more strict on their allies and other nations they influence - he had named Begon, Pontunia, Bushistan, and other "Elarian-influenced nations." That same day, Christoph Billung was re-elected as Prime Minister with 31% of the vote, with Anthony Ramirez in second with 23%.

Following the election of Billung, Ela'r'oech would establish standards for the nations that they ally with. Additionally, Charles would draft the Diplomacy and Alliance Pact of 2022, which would later be ratified. This would, in turn, lead to the creation and foundation of the Group of Six. The nation would be active, with Charles making a government Twitter account for both the nation and himself as Emperor. However, on 9 April 2022, Aidan Pierce would publish a hoax story which was intended to alter the Bushistani Presidential Elections of April 2022. He would, after the story was found to be a hoax, be forced to drop out of the race. This would force relations between Bushistan and Ela'r'oech at somewhat disdain. Additionally, Ela'r'oech would undergo new foreign relations, mainly with Pontunia.

In April 2022, Ela'r'oech would begin to have an activity hiatus. Though in June, this was set to have activity increased as summer began. Since June, there has been a new summit scheduled for G6 regarding the 2022 Arcadian War of Liberation. Thoughts regarding either the Grand Principality of Arcadia or Zeprana joining G6 have been discussed by Charles Madgett and Anthony Ramirez.

From May and June 2022, there was little activity in the Empire, however Carolusianism was slowly expanding behind closed doors. In July 2022, the Empire would attempt the goal of becoming the only micronation in Louisiana by expansionism. Eventually, this would come true as the Empire would merge with the Kingdom of Pontunia to become the United Kingdom of the Great Bayou.

Contemporary Ela'r'oech (August 2022, ongoing)

Still frame from the "Make Your Nation Proud" advertisement, released in August 2022 as part of Ela'r'oech's "Join The Military" ad campaign.

After the dissolution of the United Kingdom of the Great Bayou, Ela'r'oech would look to become more professional and less imperialistic. Elarians in a small poll from ENS would be shown to be no longer wishing to be the only micronation in Louisiana. They would adopt many of the government systems from the Great Bayou. This would start the Reconstruction Era which would begin on 6 August 2022. In August, the League of Elarian Nations would be reformed under a partnership with another micronational organization called the Elarian Trade Union. LENS-ETU would be formed with United Trade International being founded the day of the first summit of the organization. The organization has since grown to include many allies of Ela'r'oech, including the Second Republic of Kamore, Bushistan, and more.

A conflict would arise on 29 August 2022 when Bushistan was invaded by a micronation called the Democratic People's Republic of Carolina. They would surround the presidential mansion of Bushistan until LENS soldiers located in North Carolina were able to engage them, forcing them to leave. The DPRC would then threaten Bushistan publicly on their Twitter, leading LENS member states to declare war on the micronation. Additionally, LENS and Ela'r'oech together would start a promotion campaign, encouraging people to join the armies of the LENS and Empire of Ela'r'oech, respectively.

Elarian Mourning Flag. Designed 2022, in wake of the Death of Queen Elizabeth II.

The death of Queen Elizabeth II impacted Ela'r'oech more than any other macronational crisis since it's founding. The Emperor was notified at 12:27 PM CST by members of the royal family. The Emperor would later address the people regarding the Queen's death and King Charles' ascension to the throne. Additionally, it was the first time in Elarian history that an official mourning flag design was used nationally.

Additionally, Emperor Charles would be confronted the same day by members of the Drotucian government, claiming that there would be no 'funny business' as he was running for Senator. Charles would claim that this was completely unwarranted and go on to describe the government as elitist, even going so far as to call the DRotUCE an 'evil empire' in private talks with Elarian officials. After the LENS had stopped occupying Bushistan, some Carolusians and critics would describe the royal family's influence as growing weaker.[13] The Royal Family realized how it might make them look, therefore they named some more titles and by proxy expanding the House of Madgett. They would also change their House Shield to differ it from that of the Elarian Empire's. On 18 September 2022, Prime Minister elections were held which would elect Andrew Perdomo as the twelfth Prime Minister of the Empire. He would, however, then state that he refused to speak to Charles throughout his term. Many Carolusians had voted for him in the elections, as Perdomo ran on an 'Ela'r'oech First' platform. This would cause a mass protest which would lead to a poll from Charles asking if the public wanted to hold re-elections. This poll would gain massive support, sparking the incentive for new elections. New elections would begin on 19 September 2022, with Andrew Perdomo, Anthony Ramirez, and Aidan Pierce all running.

Shawn West, the first Chancellor of the Empire.

Throughout September 2022, Elarians as a whole would become more aware of its ties to other nations. Many ethnic Elarians were in micronations such as Zeprana and Pontunia, this would make the increasingly more moderate pundits to become suddenly more radical as they would begin negotiations to annex both nations. Additionally, the start of a possible Elarian Commonwealth began to be in discussion; an organization where it's member states would name Charles the King of their micronation. It was eventually decided that the nation would use a new constitution to help define territories and federal powers, specifically to the Parliament, Prime Minister, and Deputy Prime Minister. This would also be extremely influential in the Rhode Island Sector, as Zepranan officials and Elarian officials worked together in order to form one massive micronation which all ethnic Elarians could reside in. The monarchy gained support from the Opposition in Zeprana as Anthony Ramirez would win the Prime Minister elections the day after they began. Over 40% of all votes came from citizens most active in claimed territories. This was the highest rate of territorial citizens voting compared to online voting in around a year.

In October 2022, Ela'r'oech would increasingly grow more isolationist as it began to go to local citizens rather than using the Discord Server. Additionally, in October there would be many referendums regarding the state of the nation. Overall, not much would change in this month.

Since November 2022, Ela'r'oech has been working on rebuilding it's federal departments. This would lead to the founding of the Department of Foreign Affairs and Probable Cause to World Peace, or the Department of Foreign Affairs, and multiple national defense departments, specifically relating to the creation of the Elarian Emergency Alert System. It would also begin working on repairing it's relationship with the Kingdom of Pontunia, however, issues began to arise following the start of the 2022 Bayou recession, wherein multiple Elarian companies would shut down. Also in November, the first federal elections for Chancellor and President were held, with local elections for the Representative-Member of Parliament (R-MP) for Doyle being elected as well. Additionally, there were many debates during the election. On the day of Doyle's early voting, there was a gaming tournament held called ULTRA 2022. On 21 November 2022, the federal elections ended after Chancellery run-offs, declaring Andrew Perdomo to be the President-elect and Shawn West to be the Chancellor-elect.

The 2022 recession would lead to a rise in cultural exploration in the Empire, particularly notable is that of music which was inspired by Momentum, a musical duo made up of Emperor Charles and President Andrew. More games were played by the Ela'r'oech Football League in November, which had recently moved back to micronationalism. Additionally, royalism in the nation would grow due to the trust of the Emperor and overall government being at a high due to the West Administration's handling of the recession. Culture would also see a boost due to the slow rise of support for Ranaism and its related scriptures.

Following the recession, Ela'r'oech's Twitter profile would be verified through Twitter Blue. This would allow the profile to engage with many more users, especially in a positive light. However, Charles would be temporarily banned from MicroWiki beforehand, which would cast the nation into a small state of inactivity. In late December, the storage slot that held Elarian translations was corrupted. This would be a massive blow to the culture of the nation. Naturally, it would be proposed later - in 2023 - that the nation not change the language, but rather change the language itself. The new language was determined to be called 'Elarian,' with what was initially Elarian now being known as 'Old Elarian.'

In January 2023, Ela'r'oech would become involved in the Zeprano-Elarian War. Notably, it has been the most damaging conflict to the Empire since the Elarian-Alarian Conflict which had ended nearly 2 years earlier. Elarian officials had proposed Zepranan discrimination to try and discourage the Zepranan government from continuing their assault on the nation. While the war effort had been somewhat non-existent on the Elarian side, the conflict had rallied the most amount of foreign military support for the Empire in it's history, which in turn would encourage troops in the Elarian Armed Forces.

In mid-to-late January 2023, the Greater Elarian Commonwealth had been led to a proper foundation being established to finally make the previously proposed state a reality, albeit as a loose union of independent states. During the Zeprano-Elarian War, the Free Federal Republic of Zeprana had declared it's intentions to join the Commonwealth, which it could become following the Zepranan independence referendums held during the conflict.

In March 2023, it was decided after Madgett v. Perdomo, that Pontunia and Ela'r'oech would become one nation, with both serving under one union. Additionally, plans were made to reform the Elarian language. Secret plans for any type of future space or aerospace exploration or discoveries after Opportunity II were to be discussed in late March by multiple members of Ela'r'oech's scientific community, particularly those leading the science-based companies in the nation.

In April 2023, Ela'r'oech held it's second Chancellery elections, which were won by Ian Clark, chairman of the Neo-Knights of Ela'r'oech. Adding onto that, the Elarian National Space Program was initiated, with the Lotus Program being the first official program of the ENSP. The first mission, Lotus I, was a success as a modified drone called the LTS-001 was able to record parts of the atmosphere. This success would then provide slightly more funding for the ENSP for Lotus II, which would be launched two days later.



Elarians celebrate numerous nation-exclusive holidays, such as "Kakapalooza" which is held every 10–20 January and 15–22 May, specifically to honor the nations Kakatoan heritage. Ela'r'oech day is held on 25 August, to celebrate the nations more official establishment. On 20 February 2021, the aforementioned date will become a part of Kakapalooza as a day to celebrate the rule of Charles Madgett.

National Holidays in Ela'r'oech ; Elarian Holidays
Name of Holiday Premise Date(s) Macronational Holiday Counterpart Notes
New Years New Years Eve and Day 31 December, 1 January New Years Eve, New Years Day None.
Kakapalooza Holiday to celebrate the New Year and Charles' birthday. 10-20 January, 15–22 May None. A Kakapalooza Holiday can be set at any date, realistically, however only the set dates are annually.
Valentine's Day Day to celebrate love. 14-15 Feburary Valentine's Day (14 Feb) None.
Star Wars Day / Space Wars Day Celebrate Star Wars and the Scifi "Space War" genre. 4 May None, however Star Wars Day is an unofficial international holiday. None.
Jesus Day Day to go to Church and celebrate the life of Jesus Christ. 10 June None. None.
Goku Day Celebration of the character Goku, from the Dragon Ball anime franchise 9 May Goku Day (Japan Only) None.
Goten Day Celebration of the character Goten. 10 May Goku Day (Japan Only) Goten Day is not as prominent as Goku Day, celebrated the day prior, and is only a small-scale holiday.


Art is a primary source of culture in Ela'r'oech. The End and End Times are some of the first motion pictures produced in Ela'r'oech, short movie and series. The media industry makes up an estimated 40% of Ela'r'oech's propaganda and advertising. On 12 May 2021, Charles created rating systems for numerous types of art. The Emperor has stated that both systems are only to be used to bring more culture to Ela'r'oech.[14] Books, comics, nor music have any of their own rating systems for themes or marketability. Recently, paintings have been generated and made by Elarians - specifically Anthony Ramirez III - to encourage Elarian exceptionalism.

Holds of Companies by Media Form
Books / Comics Movies / Short Films Television / Streaming Series Music
ACBIC Media (32.4%) Firefly (50%) Firefly-Dragon Studio (30%) Indie-Independent Music (33%)
Pop-Lar (26%) Firefly-Dragon Studio (20%) Firefly (25%) Firefly-Dragon Studio (33%)
End Reads (20%) Acid Productions (20%) ACBIC Media (20%) ACBIC Media (33%)
XD Books and Stuf (11.6%) ACBIC Media (5.2%) Acid Productions (15%) Acid Productions (1%)
Heroics (10%) Mackenzie Films (4.8%) Indie-Independent Series (10%)

News coverage

There's Ela'r'oech News Source, the main Ela'r'oech news site, however numerous other sites have apparently worked with Ela'r'oech. News sources are free to speak to Elarians according to Charles and some already have as of May 2021, with Proper Providence News calling Ela'r'oech "something that looked good, but wasn't too classy."[15] It's also come out that the Bull Moose Advance has spoken to Charles and more news sites may be giving coverage to the nation. There have been numerous Elarian movements, namely the Alarian Succession Movement which has been called by some the zuccession movement in response to their spelling of secession. It mainly calls for the end of the Alarian nation and was the organization that started Neo-Alaria until it became an Elarian noble state. There have also been other movements such as the Peace Treaty of Micronationalism, which call for the end of the Elarian-Alarian Conflict.


Ela'r'oech has many internet CCLDs used. They first used "el-" before any web address, however this is old and is only for the official government website. Later on in August 2021, uef. and began to be used respectively along with other placeholders as CCLDs.

Usage Active ccLDs Legacy ccLDs
For Governmental Use
For Commercial Use

The internet is the main basis for most businesses and companies in Ela'r'oech, including Photon Economy, ACBIC, and Pride of Nations: Online's service. Photon Economy, ACBIC, Firefly, and the government website all have active ccLDs, with Photon Economy even having an app on the Google Play Store, while also being the only business with a Legacy ccLD, having the privilege granted for being deemed the most profitable business in the country

Cultural Rating Systems

The structure rating system has been used multiple times before, mostly with a 3 for commercial buildings made around New Da'a'ck. On 13 July 2021, he graded some builds which had been made. He graded a table which had been built a 5, for being the first structure he would grade that was not his own. He had previously given himself one '5' for having the first structure to be rated.

The media rating system has been used many times, mainly for The End and Chicken and the Dog. Other series have also been rated, mainly for the new Elarian-based Firefly, a new micronational streaming service releasing in 2023. Firefly also operates as its own production company.

Examples of Media Ratings Per Rating System
AA 10+ 13+ 15+
The End Chicken and the Dog III Chicken and the Dog IV: Epilogue War
Chicken and the Dog I Chicken and the Dog IV End Times (mini series) War Never Changes
Chicken and the Dog II Battlebot Jr. Fight of Gods Fight of Gods: The Superest Super God!
Da'a'ck, Ela'r'oech


The Climate of Ela'r'oech has hot, humid summers with the occasional hurricane or storm, with mild winters.

Following the claims recognition from ACBekistan and Kakato, these land claims are their own former classifications of noble states, now into districts, being "ACBICestan" and "Kakatoa." On March 30, Neo-Alaria was admitted as a noble state, rather than a simple city. On April 30, cities, provinces, and noble states as ideas were merged into districts. Ela'r'oech holds 5 districts over the nation, with ACBICestan, Kakatoa, Tomsident, New Da'a'ck, and Raul.

Territory changes mainly from conflicts have contributed greatly to Ela'r'oech as it provided both Neo-Alaria and Keystone as constituenciees.


An Ela'r'oech Identification Card. They also hold monetary information.

Ela'r'o is the first constituency made, though unofficially. The Ela'r'oech Discord server and former mainlands also represent the constituency. Da'a'ck is a part of Ela'r'o and Ela'r'o has full constituency protection policies enacted and enforced.

The first Ela'r'oech map officially recognized in 2021, pre-Election map.

Neo-Alaria is a constituent nation that first formed during the Alarian Civil War. It is a micronational territory that is a constituency of Ela'r'oech, while Alaria has previously claimed it as their own entity. It has received recognition from numerous allies of Ela'r'oech and other micronations. Neo-Alaria was made a constituency on 24 June 2021.

Keystone (formerly known as the Empire of Worrell) is a constituent nation that first formed during the Worrellian Civil War. It is a micronational territory that is a constituency of Ela'r'oech, while the Republic of Worrell had previous held it as the land of Mageto - their sixth state introduced by Elarian politicians - they had quickly fallen out due to the Civil War, when the Empire of Worrell had been formed, however it later had it's name changed to Keystone to quickly stop any confusion from naming. It became a constituency on 24 September 2021, however had it's name changed on 26 September 2021.

Militia Lands is a constituency. Initially just an annexed land, the citizens got used to Elarian culture and style. Eventually, it gained protectorate status then became a constituency on 11 November 2021.

Norton and Kamehameha are protectorates of Ela'r'oech, both named after influential figures. Norton is named after Joshua Norton, who declared himself Emperor of the United States. Kamehameha is named in part after Dragon Ball, however mostly after Kamehameha V of Hawai'i, as towards the end of his reign, he officially only recognized Joshua Norton as the Emperor and only government official of the United States.

Unnamed territories are territories of Ela'r'oech one can view on the official map, however they have not been given any protection policies and are not allowed to yet have majority vote rulings as they are yet to become a constituency. The citizens there are somewhat ignorant of Ela'r'oech's claims and annexation, therefore democratic process is not considered when discussing giving these territories constituency status.

Name of Territory Type of Territory Founding Date Governor Flag
Keystone (Formerly Empire of Worrell) Constituency 24 September 2021 N/A
Militia Lands (Officially "Unintegrated Militia Lands of the Army") Constituency 28 October 2021 (Made Constituency on 11 November 2021) N/A Elarian Military Flag.png
Herero Constituency 12 November 2021 N/A
Beck Constituency (Merged into Zeprana on 18 November 2021) 12 November 2021 N/A
Kamehameha Protectorate 11 November 2021 N/A Kamehameha Flag.png
Norton Protectorate 11 November 2021 N/A Norton Flag.png
Duchy of Anglica Protectorate 12 November 2021 N/A Grosse Brunsnia Flag.png
Begonia Terra Protectorate (Merged into Anglica on 19 November 2021) 12 November 2021 N/A
Insula Protectorate (Merged into Anglica on 18 November 2021) 12 November 2021 N/A
Altera Fines Protectorate (Merged into Begonia Terra on 18 November 2021) 12 November 2021 N/A
Unnamed Territories

(Territories militia has annexed, though not a part of Militia Lands or any Mainlands. These are territories not yet fully annexed.)

Annexed Not protectorate or constituency. N/A (Unrepresented) N/A

Elarian commonwealths

Ela'r'oech has 4 commonwealths which are Zyva, Pontunia, Bushistan, and Farlands.

Commonwealths of Ela'r'oech
Flag Emblem Name Founded Joined Commonwealth Area Population Location Leader
New Flag of Zyva.png Emblem of Zyva.png Free Commonwealth of Zyva 1 March 2021 16 January 2023 1.827 Acres 1 Rhode Island Sector Prime Minister Grant Taylor
Pontunia2.png Arms of Pontunia.jpg Kingdom of Pontunia 12 January 2020 26 February 2023 N/A 20 Bayou Sector Holy Leader Andrew Perdomo
Bushistan Flag.png N/A Commonwealth of Bushistan N/A N/A N/A 5 N/A N/A
Farlands flag.png N/A Commonwealth of the Farlands N/A N/A N/A 9 N/A N/A


Economics appear to be going well in Ela'r'oech as businesses appear to be forming through the first few months of it's existence and people are purchasing goods with their Stix. It claimed to have 1,507,500 Stix and counting, with the 1,500,000 due to the Alarian War. Multiple businesses have been founded in Ela'r'oech since they are unable to get a proper start in the United States of America.[16] After the economic reform throughout the Kingdom of the United Elarian Front, Stix were replaced by the United Elarian Dollar, now worth half of a United States Dollar. Businesses in Ela'r'oech include Firefly, ACBIC, Photon Economy, Pride of Nations and more. Firefly is a streaming service, with content made by micronational citizens. ACBIC is a multi-million dollar company - in United Elarian Dollars terms - that has a gaming-based subcompany as well as a website that features content creation. Photon Economy is a website that features user-generated content that allows players to make and sell items for virtual avatars. Pride of Nations: Online is a game service that functions through Discord as an RTS. Ela'r'oech has provided real progress to looking like a macronation, as it is now able to provide education, jobs, and military. Most of these are very limited to only some citizens, however if it is proven through studying the citizens that the progress is going well, they may open more and more up to residents and open up all signs of progress to all, eventually with the possibility of getting recognized, at least by the U.S. However, according to the Declarative Theory, Ela'r'oech is actually considered a macronation by some. These claims are ignored by Christoph and Charles. It seems most progress has halted with the new change in power. Charles purchased ID Cards on 5 August 2021. Charles received them on 19 August that year. Citizens have since been receiving and using said IDs, notably one citizen used it to make purchases on Photon Economy, a website Charles had made earlier that day.


Main powers

The Head of State is Charles Madgett. Brandon Jacobs is a permanent parliamentary member as a posthumous award. There were no parties in Ela'r'oech as they had been abolished and there were only independent politicians, that was until April 2021 when parties were allowed again. The Government is an theocratic system called Doctrinism. It was made by Charles I and provides a meaning for each member's power. There are many forms of doctrinism such as Division Doctrinism, United Doctrinism, Base Doctrinism, and more.


Dictator Charles I was the first and third ruler of Ela'r'oech. His reign started on 11 August 2018 de facto but started on 25 August 2020 de jure. On 25 August 2020, he created a parliamentary system, which contained no representatives for the first few weeks. His residence was established as the capital city of Da'a'ck. The Dictator was also working as a member of parliament in the Principality of Runnymede at the time. During this period, he established an Elarian-Runnymeden space program, which led to the creation of a space alliance between the nations.

Programs and laws

On 1 October, he began to go door-to-door asking non-citizen residents of Ela'r'oech and asking if they would like to apply for citizenship, he gained over 10 residential citizens that day and established the "Door-To-Door Citizenship Legislation", a collective set of laws that would allow members of parliament and the dictator to go door-to-door in their areas informing people of Ela'r'oech's existence and asking about citizenship applications. He is also responsible for the victory of all of Ela'r'oechs conflicts and wars. He has gained the support of many throughout separate micronations, and there have been Elarian movements in his name or support. Most of the citizens in Ela'r'oech are very much in support of Charles, as is the media.

On 29 April 2021, Ela'r'oech engaged in its first elections, mainly to put a Prime Minister into office and also fill up the vacant parliamentary seats. The Prime Minister elected was Christoph Billung.

Current political climate

Main: Elarian Political Climate[17]

Party Logo Color(s) Party Leaders Date of Foundation Ideology Position Membership Representatives
Independent May Vary By Politician N/A No Leader Non-Party Big tent Big tent Those not part of a party.
3 / 5
Elarian People's Congress (EPC) Elarian People's Congress Logo.svg Green No Leader April 18, 2021 Big tent Center 8
0 / 5
Elarian Party of the Public (EPP) Elarian Party of the Public logo.svg Blue, Cyan Bryce Smith April 18, 2021 Liberal democracy Center-right 5
0 / 5
Elarian National Party (ENP) Burgundy, White Christoph Billung April 29, 2021 Traditionalism, Monarchism Center, Auth-Right 14
2 / 5

Foreign relations

Relations per nation

Nation Recognition Status Alliance Status Member of LENS-ETU
Pontunia Official Recognition Official Alliance LENS-ETU
Second Republic of Kamore Official Recognition No Established Alliance LENS-ETU
Republic of New Katy Official Recognition No Established Alliance LENS-ETU
Bushistan Official Recognition No Established Alliance ETU
Begon Official Recognition Official Alliance Not Member
Kakato Recognized, Unofficial Official Alliance Not Member
Muskratia Recognized, Unofficial Official Alliance Not Member
Ruisseau Recognized, Unofficial Official Alliance Not Member
Wynnland Recognized, Unofficial No Established Alliance Not Member
Zeprana Unrecognized, Unofficial No Established Alliance Not Member
Cycoldia Unrecognized, Unofficial No Established Alliance Not Member

Foreign policy

Ela'r'oech has gone into relations notably with Begon, Runnymede, and Worrell. Ela'r'oech is mainly a reactive nation which means it tends to use others in ways to help generate activity within the nation, which means it had become more co-dependent. However, after Ela'r'oech had gained more constituencies, it began to become more isolationist and independent. The constituencies have begun to talk domestic policy and trade deals, as Keystone has begun to rely on Ela'r'oech for it's own missile program.

Ela'r'oech had entered relations with Runnymede some time in 2020, notably in November during their Prime Minister elections, as Charles had began to wonder if the two could enter an alliance and start a micronational organization - which eventually became LENS - however after the Runnymeden community began to turn on him, he left the server for a while, back and forth, until eventually in January 2021, Charles led a revolution which became known as the LENS-Runnymede War which took down the Runnymede Discord server thus rendering the government unable to continue. Afterwards, the former Runnymeden government began Worrell and Charles quickly had apologized and joined Worrell, later becoming the second Vice President until Matthew Cunningham had banned him, despite the public unaware of any wrong doing - this had sparked the Worrellian Civil War - afterwards, Charles looked towards other micronations and began going into relations with Bushistan.

After entering relations with Bushistan, Charles and Ela'r'oech's government focused now would be a good time to expand economically, later looking to help out the Bushistani government by becoming a member of the House of Representatives. Later on, the public there opposed an economic bill and had gone after Charles, thus ending any foreign relations possible with Ela'r'oech and Bushistan.

Afterwards, Ela'r'oech began to grow more independent until Terry McKeen had come to Charles informing him of a new Worrell. After being informed that the older Worrell had been destroyed after he left the server, Terry claimed the office of Worrell's President and let Charles become the Vice President, until Matthew Cunningham and Liam MacKenzie used intimidation tactics to run him out. Eventually, they had made McKeen delete the server, leading him to make a new Discord server for Worrell as he named Charles the chancellor. Charles had began Elarian Foreign Relations afterwards, until McKeen had gotten mad at the proposal of a democratic annexation into a constituency. Later on, Charles left that server thus any relations with it until deciding to make his own Worrell, naming it the Empire. Terry later dissolved his Republic of Worrell, joining the Empire of Worrell as an Elarian constituency before it had it's name changed to Keystone, starting an independent Ela'r'oech.

After the dissolution of the Second Empire of Kapreburg, Ela'r'oech began foreign relations talk with Kapreburg.

Intermicronational organisation participation

Ela'r'oech is a founding nation of the Certified Higher Authority of the Secessionist Micronationalists and had considered attempting to join the Grand Unified Micronational, however Charles determined Ela'r'oech may not have been accepted, so they began the LENS and has so far not been involved with many other organizations. However, the Principality of Runnymede held a vote to leave the Micronational Assembly, which was heavily persuaded by Christoph Billung, the ruler of the Grand Principality of Begon and a member of the Noble 10, as well as Charles Madgett himself more to get Runnymede to join the LENS, which was voted upon as well. This ended in a vote and referendum where it would have been decided that Runnymede would leave the MA and join the LENS, however Runnymede's prince swiftly went against this vote opting to stay in the MA, this resulted in the "LENS-Runnymede War." After the dissolution of the LENS, Charles started CHASM.

Branches of Combative Service

(Main Article: Elarian Armed Forces)

There are four branches in the Armed Forces, which includes the Royal Army, the Royal Defense Corps, the Royal Search and Seizure Command, and the Eisheitei. Each branch consists of separate roles.

Royal Army

The Royal Army is the land service branch of the Elarian Armed Forces. It is one of the four uniformed services of the Empire, as the oldest and most senior branch of the Armed Forces. The Royal Army holds the following missions;

  • Serve the Empire militarily
  • Following declarations of war from the Empire
  • Protecting the mainlands of the Empire

Royal Defense Corps

The Royal Defense Corps is the primarily defensive land service branch of the Elarian Armed Forces as one of the four uniformed services of the Empire. The Defense Corps primarily focuses on defending the mainlands of Ela'r'oech and is also very closely tied to the Royal Army. The Royal Defense Corps holds the following missions;

  • Protect the Empire
  • Serve the Empire to death
  • Serve in the Army following declarations of war

Royal Search and Seizure Command

The Royal Search and Seizure Command is the land service branch of the Elarian Armed Forces as one of the four uniformed services of the Empire. It primarily focuses on searching suspected terrorists, criminals, and felons. It holds the following missions;

  • Search suspected terrorists, felons, and criminals
  • Seize any suspected homes of terrorists, felons, criminals
  • Seize any device or objects which are involved or suspected to be involved in criminal activities


The Eisheitei is the secret police of mainland Ela'r'oech, it's one of the four uniformed services of the Empire. It primarily focuses on acting upon the direct orders of the Emperor himself, separate from the Parliament. It holds the following missions;

  • Follow the Emperor's direct orders
  • Be directly loyal to the Emperor
  • Protect the Emperor and his family


For Kakato, Laws included a 2-child law, no rights for women, education including war-doctrines, disabled citizens in labor camps, transgenders and black people not being recognized as holding citizenship. These were laws that were mainly de jure and not enforced, one member of congress was a woman and another congress member was black. Ela'r'oech holds an Elarian Film Night at random, but they feature movies created by Elarians, such as The End. The leader creates an "End of the World" speech and a "Kakapalooza" speech every 10 December of the year, in which he will use them in the next year for the Kakapalooza speech. The End of the World speech is used only in the event of a confirmed end of humanity or end of Earth's sustenance. In May 2021, Charles had finally moved with his family and on 8 May 2021 he announced that he would be selling IDs and merchandise. On 9 May 2021, he also announced that Goku Day - May 9 - would become a national holiday.[18] It is a growing nation which is also becoming more self-sufficient. Gardens and animals are joining Elarian properties in order to bring forth proper means of self-sufficiency.


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