Chancellor of Ela'r'oech

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Chancellor Seal EOE.png
Chancellor of Ela'r'oech
Seal of the Chancellor
Chancellor of the Elarian Empire and the other Elarian territories
President Andrew Perdomo Acting President (provisional)
Predecessor Office established

The Chancellor of the Empire of Ela'r'oech (CEE) is the head of government and supervising official of the Empire of Ela'r'oech. The Chancellor aids the Emperor in directing the executive branch of the federal government and holds enumerated powers.

The Office of the Chancellor was established on 18 November 2022 following the ratification of the Constitution of the Holy Elarian Empire.

Shawn West was officially elected Chancellor-elect on 21 November 2022. West was officially inaugurated on 29 November 2022 in the Doyle territory.


West Administration

The first Chancellor of Ela'r'oech, Shawn West was elected Chancellor of Ela'r'oech in November 2022. He was appointed as Acting Chancellor on 23 November of the same year. That same day, his administration announced the Bond Act of 2023, an act establishing that treasury bonds exist. West himself also announced the major breakthrough that the owner for the Bank of Dimae had embezzled a mass amount of Dimae. West would then say - in this same statement - that this was the likely reason behind the 2022 Bayou recession. His administration has also encouraged Elarian citizens to start businesses to help 'combat' the recession.

West was officially inaugurated on 29 November 2022 in the Doyle territory surrounded by Elarians in the seats. The same day, he received a 10,000 Dimae Treasury Bond and swore upon the Holy Bible. He would prove to be a supporter of the expansion of Elarian culture, as someone who did express enthusiasm over Ranaism.

On 1 December 2022, West would disavow the Neo-Knights of Ela'r'oech and Neo-Carolusianism as an ideology, while also expressing approval for the idea of the Elarian ethnicity and the expansion of territory for the Empire.

Clark Administration

The second Chancellor of Ela'r'oech, Ian Clark was elected Chancellor of Ela'r'oech in April 2023. He was named Chancellor-Elect on 23 April 2023.